Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

This page is a collection of what has become a very fertile area of blogging for me--the Trump World Grab-Bag, which is, loosely speaking, posts consisting of a round up of current news stories that may or may not be woven into a narrative or have much commentary on my part added. The over-arching theme is "Something is Going On Here", but what? I'm not the arbiter of "What".  I'm just trying to put the pieces in one place.

(Some, of course, aren't titled "grab-bags", but they certainly fit the theme.)

3/12/2017: Trumpworld Grab-Bag

3/13/2017: Another US Attorneys' Thing?

3/21/2017: It Looks Bad Because it is Bad

3/22/2017: And Now it Looks Worse

3/25/2017: The News is Real, The Leak was Fake?

3/27/2017: Another Trumpworld Grab-Bag

4/4/2017: Yet Another Trumpworld Grab-Bag

4/12/2017: Once Again, A Trumpworld Grab-Bag

4/14/2017: A Good Friday for a Trumpworld Grab-Bag

4/27/2017: Trumpworld Grab-bag: The Lost Art of Vetting

5/9/2017: This is a Great Day for a Trumpworld Grab-Bag

5/11/2017: Really? Another Trump World Grab-Bag?

5/12/2017: This Trump World Grab-Bag is a Showboat

5/18/2017: The Cat is Exiting the Trumpworld Grab-Bag

5/20/2017: This Trump World Grab-Bag is Full of Nut Jobs!

5/23/2017: An Obstructed Trumpworld Grab-Bag

5/25/2017: The TrumpWorld Grab-bag Mama Warned You About

5/27/2017: OMFG This Trump World Grab-bag

5/31/2017: A Trump World Grab-Bag With Everything Russia Wants

6/6/2017: This Trump World Grab Bag is Too Much

6/8/2017: Lordy Jim Comey

6/23/2017: This TrumpWorld Grab-Bag May Have Been Taped

6/27/2017: Trump Went Boom Again

7/1/2017: This TrumpWorld Grab-Bag May Contain Deliverables.

7/9/2017: A TrumpWorld Grab-Bag Full of Interesting People.

7/9/2017: This is a Family TrumpWorld Grab-Bag

7/11/2017: This TrumpWorld Grab-Bag is Staying with the Family

7/13/2017: This TrumpWorld Grab-Bag Has Background Noise

7/16/2017:  Sometimes Even TrumpWorld Grab-Bags Get the Blues

7/19/2017: This TrumpWorld Grab-Bag is Very Familiar

7/20/2017: TrumpWorld Grab-Bags Should Be Less Obvious

7/21/2017: Pardon Me For This TrumpWorld Grab-Bag

7/22/2017: JFC, Another TrumpWorld Grab-Bag

7/29/2017: This TrumpWorld Grab-bag Could Be Titanic

8/1/2017: No Chaos in the TrumpWorld Grab-Bag!

8/4/2017: Sometimes a Trumpworld Grab-bag is Grand!

8/26/2017: A Dark and Stormy Night in TrumpWorld

8/30/2017: This TrumpWorld Grab-Bag Means Business

9/2/2017: Where There's Smoke, There's a TrumpWorld Grab-bag

9/9/2017: This TrumpWorld Grab-Bag has an Inconsistent Story

9/13/2017: This TrumpWorld Grab-Bag is Disruptive.

9/14/2017: TrumpWorld Grab-Bags Never Rest

9/17/2017: With TrumpWorld Grab-Bags Like These

9/18/2017:  This TrumpWorld Grab-Bag Might Be Wired

9/21/2017: A TrumpWorld Grab-Bag with a Nice Drawstring

9/25/2017: But Their Emails!

9/28/2017: This TrumpWorld Grab-Bag is for Mad Men

10/28/2017: The Charge of the TrumpWorld Grab-Bag

10/30/2017:   Mueller Monday

10/30/2017:    Mueller Monday 2

11/4/2017:  A Low-Level Volunteer Trump World Grab-Bag

11/11/2017:  There's Money in These Trump World Grab-Bags

11/14/2017:  The Sins of the TrumpWorld Grab-Bags

11/15/2017: This TrumpWorld Grab-Bag is Just a Box of Money

11/19/2017: The TrumpWorld Grab-Bag That Wore it Well

12/2/2017: This TrumpWorld Grab-Bag Is In Like Flynn

12/3/2017:   The TrumpWorld Grab-Bag that Went Boom! In the Night

12/7/2017:   This TrumpWorld Grab-Bag Seems Smart

12/19/2017:  Is a Deep State TrumpWorld Grab-bag a Thing?

12/21/2017:   This TrumpWorld Grab-Bag Has Security Issues  

12/27/2017:  This TrumpWorld Grab-Bag Has a Good Memory

12/31/2017:   This TrumpWorld Grab-Bag Has Been Out Drinking

1/10/2018:  Even TrumpWorld Grab-Bags Get the Blues

1/27/2018: There's a Little Show and a Lotta Tell in the TrumpWorld Grab-Bag

1/29/2018: In TrumpWorld, Grab-Bag Investigates You!

2/1/2018:  The State of the TrumpWorld Grab-Bag

2/3/2018: The President Believes His Own Hype

2/15/2018: This Looks Crooked From Every Angle

2/16/2018: This TrumpWorld Grab-Bag Tries to Keep Up

2/17/2018:  Mueller Made this TrumpWorld Grab-Bag  

2/19/2018:  Trump is Having an Angry Weekend

2/26/2018:  A Very Big TrumpWorld Grab-Bag

2/28/2018: This is Not Your Father-in-Law's TrumpWorld Grab-Bag

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