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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

This TrumpWorld Grab-Bag is Staying with the Family

I am a little surprised that there has been a new breakthrough regarding the admission from Donald Trump, Jr. that he met with a Kremlin-associated lawyer and anti-Magnitsky Act lobbyist because she supposedly had "dirt' on Hillary Clinton. That sounded pretty bad.  It let some people pretend that if nothing came of the meeting (allegedly) because she had no good dirt on Hillary Clinton, that was simply that. As if breaking and entering was less of a crime if one didn't get much from one's burglaring. That much is basically the grounds for a collusion case: it opens to door to say that the Trump Campaign was ready and willing to take help from any source, and they weren't going to be picky.

Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, and Paul Manafort were there, in Trump Tower, under the same roof as the candidate and paterfamilias.  And we have to assume he was either in the dark, or gave his blessing--both stories have their attendant horrors of incompetency to contemplate. But it appears that there was an actual email that verifies Trump Jr's assent to deal with a Russian representative over a sanctions-related matter over previous Russian bullshit, in exchange for help with the Trump presidential campaign. 

That's as collude-y as a very collusion-y thing. But he that his brother-in-law and Manafort there, which is so precious. It's just another failure to report foreign contacts on his security clearance form for ol' Jared, and I don't even know how a player like Manafort keeps track of foreign contacts he services. Badly, based on what we know of his reporting of it. 

What should we even suppose based on this alleged email? 

I think we have us the spark of a problem for TrumpWorld--they clearly accepted, if not solicited, the aid of a hostile foreign government and did not take into account what might be asked of them in turn. Did they think the return on Russian investment was going to be nothing but basking in the glow of POTUS Trump's orange phiz--without Russia getting something in return?

Time may well tell. 

UPDATE: Donald Trump Jr. has Tweeted the email, and it is terrific!

It has the words "Russian government" all over it and was forwarded to Kushner and Manafort as well. Well done, everybody!

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