Friday, April 12, 2024

TWGB: Trump Lies For Love and Money


At some point during Holy Week, Trump took on the role of Good Shepherd. At some future point, I wonder if his fan cub realizes that shepherds aren't just at home with shearing but enjoy the odd tidbit of lamb. His fundraising has been abusive, especially revolving around the "Save America" concept of raising money to "prove" the voter fraud and try to get back into power, his stans might think, through some legal maneuver. (Never happened, right?) But basically, none of the funds had anything to do with proving election fraud--there just wasn't any. It's paying for Walt Nauta's legal fees

The reason I point this out is because the RNC is now running robocalls talking about massively unproven (debunked even!) 2020 voter fraud. There's no new proof of any fraud. Actually, things being what they are, there is no reason to believe that voter laws necessarily benefit Democrats if Republicans could also use them as cheat codes. (We know Republicans do engage in voter fraud.) You know and I know they still aren't doing anything about voter fraud--no matter what lil' Mike Johnson and Trump say about voter integrity at Mar-a-Lago (you know, the place where the loser of the 2020 presidential contests was found to have a pallet or so worth of classified shit). 

So, here's a funny addendum to that--Lara Trump's sub genius husband tells us every time his Daddy walks into a courtroom, he earns $million$. In campaign cash that he can't use as personal expenses, just legal fees right? Right? Who knows? If all of Eric Trump's functioning brains cells were laid end to end, an enterprising ant would carry them off for a short breakfast. Does he mean that Daddy Trump is getting pity bucks for frequently tripping over his own dick even if he's hung like a watch battery?

I don't know about YOU, but that's how I WOULD PUT IT.

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Red Flag Warning--Who Are They Working For?


You know, if there are GOP congresscritters who are spouting Russian propaganda (and OMG--there sure are!) maybe we should pay attention to what legislative activity they also seem to be doing on behalf of Russia. 

When Marjorie Taylor Greene talks about Ukraine like NATO invaded it and they are Nazi or anti-Christian, she is directly aping Putin, and what she is saying is pure lies-shouldn't we be very interested in where this fool, who has yakked about Jewish space lasers and spread Q nonsense, gets her information? 

Maybe we should be more curious about why Scott Perry believes Ukraine shouldn't be supported because they can't win. I truly want to know where Tommy Taterhead is getting his extreme nonsense POV from. He seems to have Ukrainian public servants confused with Russian oligarchs. 

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

And When There is No State to Go To?


This is the glib, dismissive way that abortion bans are spoken about by people who have simply never had to think about reproductive health care in a personal, urgent way. 

A bus ticket? Well, across how many states? How long would that journey take? How soon/when/for how much time will one be able to get off work for? Will one also have to pay for lodgings, depending on the distance? Does one's state have a law that limits travel (this is proposed in several states) Will one need someone else's assistance in obtaining travel? Will the patient and/or the accomplice face felony charges for trying to get abortion services? 

Will these circumstances open up one's private, personal business to other people's investigation and judgment? (Depending upon one's community, it can be hard to schedule a sudden trip without some people speculating why one left.) 

Monday, April 8, 2024

TWGB: He is an Obstruction


I didn't post anything this weekend because I'm getting over some kind of extremely fatiguing chesty coughing situation, and also, too, when Trump compared himself to Nelson Mandela, my brain just kept frantically hitting the "NOPE" button.  Oh, hell no, we are not talking about how Trump is not Jesus followed by how he is not Madiba. Trump is not the oppressed. Trump is far from a founder of this country--he;s a homewrecker. Then, the House Judiciary Committee posted Trump as the whole mammy-jamming eclipse.  A blockhead who blocks the sun. 

Well done, cult members. You've finally described him correctly. He's a temporary obstruction blocking daylight: but daylight will prevail. 

Yep, one of the constant stories of these TrumpWorld grab-bags is Trump, the obstructer. The delayer. He is only transparent to the effect that he desperately despises transparency. And you can easily see that part--the NDAs, the Byzantine business structure, the Omerta, the stalling subpoenas and other dilatory bids of various kinds, all throughout his business and political career. 

Saturday, April 6, 2024

The Earth Will Shake


I was in Trenton for the amazingly rare East Coast earthquake, and the pens rattled on my desk. I'm not sure what I need to repent of, but Marjorie Taylor Greene is sure somebody needs to repent of something, especially the people in the affected blue states who felt that thing. She got "Community-noted" about how tectonic plates and the celestial line-up lead to events that are scientifically explainable and even scientifically predictable, sometimes, but who knows to what extent this obvious grade-school science sticks with people in a world where flat eartherism is coming back? 

(Fun fact, eclipses actually disprove flat earth theory. Where in all of recorded celestial history is a pie-plate eclipse?) 

She isn't alone in trying this- and people were also using the Baltimore bridge collapse as a sign of...some kind of weird God portent just a beat earlier.

Or, or--maybe the bridge collapse is a sign that heavy cargo ships are truly and in fact really heavy? It's physics. So are eclipses and earthquakes. 

It really astounds me that anti-science is a huge part of GOP messaging. Why would anyone want the US to be less prepared for events that can be explained and ameliorated by knowledge of science? But then I realize the GOP prospers when people don't know any science at all--see global warming, for example. 

We don't need to repent. We need to learn middle school geology. 

Friday, April 5, 2024

RNC Wants $5 From You Deadbeats


I'm taking the tone of my song parody from the Christmas round but also from the weird history of Trump fundraising emails, which are a whole art to themselves for pretending to personalize a message by way of a threat.  Like--"Hey Bill Jones, we at Mar-a-Lago couldn't help but notice you haven't donated lately...and we've been talking about you..." The money-hungry Trump campaign will try anything, They will have repeat donations forever. 

The GOP broke people should just figure out what the value of their need for tribal belonging is, relative to the need to have food or rent money ready. 

I would prioritize paying for your necessities, and asking yourself what this moneyed creep would even ever do for your future, before coughing up any funds on his terrible behalf. 

Thursday, April 4, 2024

TWGB: Are You Buying What He's Selling?


I think I want to start this one with a weird lie--Trump said that he met with the family of Ruby Garcia and they talked with him about her and--that did not happen. It really looks like he "remembered" stuff from an obituary he read. I first wondered if he was conflating meeting with Ruby Garcia's family with meeting with Laken Riley's family. That doesn't seem to be it.  He just plumb forgot, after a long history of telling fictional "Sir" stories about strapping big men with tears in their eyes who sing his praises, that if you talk about real people, they can contradict you

That's not normal. Most people would understand that you don't lie about something like that. Trump does not. 

Most people would not go out of their way to violate a gag order, either. Trump would, though He would continue to lie about the relatives of a judge in one of his trials, and even insist it was necessary for him to do so. It would seem like he's either really just too dumb to know when to shut up, or maybe he thinks getting tossed in jail will earn him valuable martyr-points. (Jail is bad. Peter Navarro says so.) 

My question today is--are you buying what he is selling? It's a simple question--is this guy Mr. Honesty?  Are any Trump fans ready to wake up and smell the bullshit yet? 

We've got some fun, fun, fun stories about Truth Social today. It was reiterated that yes, Virginia, Truth Social was carried over the finish line to the IPO date by Russian money. And this is connected to the brothers who just pled to insider trading, because that's a very auspicious way to start a business.  And if you want to know where Trump sits in all of this, it's suing the Celebrity Apprentice guys who hooked him up with this scheme for poor management. He wants their shares. The value of the stock he has might be slipping so he saw what they had and went:

You know how he does--possession being nine tenths and a third of the law, or whatever--oh wait: that's his Mar-A-Lago documents strategery!

TWGB: Trump Lies For Love and Money

  Trump says he really needs patriots to sign up for monthly recurring donations because of the “dirty dollars” that Biden is raising from ...