Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Friday, March 5, 2021


This woman is out of her damn mind if she thinks this is how you bring your unserious ass to the US Senate and pretend you scored points making not one thing better for anyone. I guessed that she was disingenuous in her response regarding the filibuster, but now I flat-out think she's a fake. It wouldn't cost her damn thing politically to do what's right. She isn't keeping her liberal support stunting like this for what? Five confused McCain Republicans? And even if this thing was a hard decision, she could have done the world a favor and acted like it instead of coming out like an overgrown high school child. 

She can just decide not to run again and spare someone the expense of primarying her if this is how little she thinks about doing it right, because that was disappointing.

UPDATE:  Criticizing her about this is apparently supposed to be sexist

Sinema’s office responded to a question about the gesture by making the absurd claim that the inquiry is sexist. “Commentary about a female senator’s body language, clothing, or physical demeanor does not belong in a serious media outlet,” Hannah Hurley, a spokesperson for Sinema, told HuffPost.
No. It would be sexist to have two different standards, and I honestly think pulling out sexism on this particular gesture is a shame and a distraction from what makes it bad. It's bad because it looked like she was happy to vote against a pay raise that would lift millions of people, many of them women and working families, out of poverty. I support women, but I don't support foolishness from women because I don't support foolishness from anyone, and especially not regarding things that matter. 

Raising the minimum wage--now that would support women, because they would be better able to support themselves with the money they make. That's good old fashioned "feminism goals", not this "breaking the internet" and "yas queen"-ing people for their style over their substance.

UPDATE: Just to add, she's one of eight Democrats who voted against increasing the minimum wage, and of course, it could be part of a separate bill, but like, why? It's overdue to be increased, it would significantly improve the finances of people working right now, it gets money circulating, and it actually cuts government spending in some respects because people need less aid, because they get money from work. Maybe tying it to COVID relief is problematic, but income inequality is responsible for the impact COVID-19 has had and this remediates that.  I don't see why this one has to be hard.

Thursday, March 4, 2021

GOP Crime Incorporated

If they act like a mob, it's because they are the mob.

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Of Course, They Were Trump Supporters

While Fox News and other right-wing media fell over themselves yesterday discussing whether Dr. Suess Enterprises was cancelling itself for no longer publishing somewhat racist children's books and discussing the metaphorical pee parts of plastic tubers, the main story yesterday should have been that the conspiracy theories that they (and Republican senators) wanted to push about whether the January 6 insurrection was antifa (of course not ) and whether there was any wide-scale voter fraud that impacted the election, were totally busted.

Also in important news--white supremacist violence is real and the threat is growing. It's a real thing, unlike cancel culture which is....just stupid. 

In a bit of an interesting aside, Senators Lee and Hawley were awfully interested in what Wray had to say about cell phone data regarding the investigation, weren't they?

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Accidentally On Purpose?


I get that CPAC is about right-wing signifying, but the CPAC stage being laid out to resemble the Odal rune once used by the SS Waffen and preferred by some neo-Nazis over the swastika is a little bit....much, right? I mean, surely it's a dumb coincidence. 

Nope, we've been here before. The argument over "accident" vs. "on purpose" is partially about fucking with the libs, partially about letting the white supremacists (who would know what it looks like, even if regular folks don't) feel included. The way some fash or fash-adjacent person might flash white power hand gestures and then pretend they are just feeling A-OK. At some point, there is no benefit of the doubt left.

I mean, when Josh Hawley explicitly says he is paraphrasing a quote by Daniel Webster ("Union now, union forever") but changes it to "America now, America first, America forever", it's that little detail of three clauses that might make you hear echoes of George Wallace at first, but the insertion of "America first" is what drives it home for people with long memories.

But you know. Josh Hawley was just talking about our God-given rights not to be silenced when trying to argue about throwing out the votes of African American people, is all. Why are people so tense? It's like they think his kind of charisma-free use of that line of bullshit led to a pretty divisive um....domestic terrorist attack on our Capitol or something. 

You know who was also signaling pretty hard? Fellow scumbag insurrection-lover Ted Cruz, who when he wasn't joking about going to Cancun while his fellow Texans froze like the fun-loving chap he is, implied that white folks in Texas owning guns is why BLM didn't riot in Houston because he is the kind of guy who definitely loves Kyle Rittenhouse, I guess. 

Look, it could, very possibly, could, have been an accident that the stage took that shape. But when you stop and listen to the speakers, you can't mistake what they are. And if you were of a mind to forget, just think of Rep. Paul Gosar, Republican, insurrection enthusiast, CPAC attendee, and also an attendee at AFPAC down the road, which is a bit more explicit about the white nationalism. 

You don't have to know what an odal rune is to know what they're about anymore.

UPDATE:  Apparently, the Odal rune was an accident. The other fascist stuff was still on purpose.

Friday, February 26, 2021

The Lord of Misrule

The appearance of Donald Trump in effigy as a brazen figure (he sure is brazen!) has been likened to a Golden Calf as a description of his idol status within current conservatism and the irony that a largely Christian group has apparently turned to the worship of Trump as a cult figure. And I'm not arguing that it's not! But the image here might best be referred to in terms of "a troll"

The depiction isn't particularly flattering, and the flag-themed shorts and flip-flops are clearly comical. This is the equivalent of a Mardi Gras float, not necessarily an object of veneration. But you can see the idea--"They think we are a cult, but we can laugh about being a cult. It's silly!" The way some people speak of Trump as an "Emperor God", but like, ironically, man.

So it's kind of a joke. Well, it is and it isn't. I've thought a bit about the figure of what Trump means and especially how it relates to gatherings like his rallies and CPAC. He's not intended to be a genuine leader in the "doing things that matter" sense (people like Mitch McConnell do those things). His job is one of mascot. He's a modern conservative brand spokesperson. As such, he can afford to be, not a ruler (he works better as a figure out of power, anyway, for the sake of grievance) but a Lord of Misrule.

And this is the weekend of his feast. CPACchannalia. It's the festival of the Turning Point of tables and the saying of things that aren't so. There will, of course, be funds raised for the Guy and the promise of fireworks.

(I think, however, one should also recall, and why should we not, that Trump's mythos now contains its own Gunpowder Plot). 

I'm just not sure if any of them have read Frazer. Or even have entertained the notion that every party has an end.

Thursday, February 25, 2021

The Difference a Year Makes

After half a million dead in the US of COVID-19 and a domestic terrorist attack on the Capitol inspired by Trump, it's pretty safe to say that McEnany's comments....aged very badly.

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Vacation's All He Ever Wanted Part 2


So, Senator (for now, I guess) Ted Cruz made a self-serving statement to explain why he went to Cancun: his daggone daughters wanted to go, and you know how it is when you want to be a good dad. It just makes me more sad for parents right now explaining to their kids why they isn't any water, or why they are so cold. There's things you want to do for your family and just can't. 

Cruz's statement also says he was always intending to come right back. 

Ahem. That was what we call a "checkable". He was going to stay until Saturday before he wasn't. But maybe his girls asked him to go home and he really wanted to be a good dad. You never know.

UPDATE: Whew! SO, Heidi Cruz planned the trip because her house was "FREEZING" according to a leaked group chat, they left their little dog Snowflake behind in the freezing house to be taken care of by a security guard, and Ted Cruz's main priority, while swearing that he came back to do everything possible to help the folks of Texas get their lights on (whev, right?) has been to get a treatment at the Sean Hannity Reputation Laundry because if a man can't tend to his reputation first, what the heck is he supposed to do? Phone bank, do wellness checks, raise money for direct aid or perform other basic constituent care? Please!

(Otherwise, I guess he could stay in his cold-ass house with Snowflake and people on his sidewalk chanting "resign" at him.)

I think we're caught up. He's a jerk, but we knew that. 

Vacation's All He Ever Wanted


You know, it's just who he is, and you'd have to draw him a diagram that went something like: "But if it were a Democrat Senator with an emergency in their state..." before the light fuckin' dawned on him that, yep, it does look bad. I presume he's travelling "no class". But hey, a guy helps incite an insurrection, I guess he feels entitled to a treat.

UPDATE: I better disclaimer this, because Twitter folk advise that the wild Ted siting hasn't been "confirmed-confirmed" and sweatergawd the smugbomb that would go off if this was a case of badly-mistaken identity about how libs have in in for conservatives, etc. would suuuuuuucckkk, so maybe this isn't our boy, but frankly, wherever he is, do you think he's helping? I would think

UPDATE: Fox News has positively confirmed.

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Later, Hater

Let's take a moment to consider the man that he was:
Before anyone chides me for celebrating the man's death, let's get this stright, I'm deploring the work that he did. The man that his mourners are calling a pioneer of conservative talk radio was a divisive bigot, a misogynist, a homophobe, an man who literally screamed that a fellow human being was a slut for hours because she believed that birth control should be treated as any other necessary health care.

It may be true that he blazed a path for others, as Father Coughlin or Joe Pyne could have been said to have blazed one for himself--but I would argue that was never a good thing. He lowered the discourse and called it entertainment in the way an abuser knocks someone around and then says they were kidding. He fought against "political correctness"--a made-up term that means when people try to apply some standards of decency to people who have stepped out of bounds, by being hyper-political and seldom correct. 

Anyway, he normalized the kind of rhetoric that made Trump sound so reasonable--it could be said that generations of conservatives had received a Limbaughtomy and their frontal cortexes never worked quite right again. 

I'm not grave-dancing--he hasn't been buried yet. But in a small and nasty way, the tone of my blog probably honors him better than the megadittoes of people who should be asked which inflammatory statements they think furthered conservative thought and ideals, and that's more than he deserves.