Monday, July 22, 2024

It's Up to Us


I spent the last few days putting off writing about the "Pass the Torch" movement. Oh, I was getting ready. I was going to sit down and take names and call out the fuckery. People didn't start one minute from the first question during the debate before I think the "drop Biden" movement started, in a way that felt coordinated and desperately shitty to me. 

Who the fuck treats a decent man who just gave us an astonishingly successful 3.5 years like this? Why are Democrats even airing our laundry in public? I'm a fan of transparency on one hand, but on the other it felt disrespectful to the man and his honorable public service. 

Every dumb horserace "Here's what a contested convention would look like" article, every "who might we see in a blitz primary?" thumbsucker, seemed to be a repudiation of the primaries we just had. 

The last straw wasn't the has-been campaign mahoffs of yesteryear who have displayed the political savvy of brain-damaged lemmings in the rush to shaft the incumbent Democratic president, though, that was going to make me bleed my frustration all over the internet--it was the distilled self-parody of Sorkinism: suggesting Democrats nominate Mitt Romney

Big "not The Onion" energy, but why did my eyes water? 

Because much as my feelings about Mitt Romney have moderated from 2012--he still isn't a Democrat, and it felt defeatist. One major party is captured by racist, violent authoritarianism, and the other is consigned to irrelevance and mere "Never Trumpism"?  Fuck that. 

Saturday, July 20, 2024

Rest in Power, Sheila Jackson Lee


What an admirable career of fighting for others! In that spirit, let's get right, unite, and fight.

Friday, July 19, 2024

"Unity" Trump and the New Attitude


As the pundits were desperately hoping for--Ecce Homo: the Man Reborn,  who was definitely not going to ramble on, self-pityingly, spitefully, mockingly, calling Nancy Pelosi crazy while once again referring to the tragic assault on her husband, referring to the "China virus" in a way that has inspired racist animosity against Asian people, degrading the discourse as you know....

He always does. Was he supposed to change, now? After all this time? On his biggest stage, he gave an extended-play version of his regular rally speech, with a cameo from our old friend the "late, great Hannibal Lector" and a wistful concern that Kim Jong-Un misses him. 

I'm only mildly surprised we were spared his feelings about the water pressure in his toilets. 

Biden is old. Sure. He gets tired. Sure. He gets tongue-tied. And then there are the things that deliberately come out of Donald Trump's sewer of a mouth. 

Was there anything upbeat at all in his speech to the RNC, coming after the brilliant use of the lead-up by showcasing the values of the current party as represented by Kid Rock, Hulk Hogan and Dana White?

Well, there was a shout-out to Tom Homan, a former Trump Administration official who is a significant contributor to Heritage Foundation's Project 2025--which we were not supposed to think about as being the Trump Agenda except for being constantly reminded of it. But then again, Trump also gave a shout-out to Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin, who is "doing a great job". At what, I'd bet you two ham sandwiches you could not say. Does Trump think he's still governor? 

Wednesday, July 17, 2024

This Lady is for Turning


Nikki Haley once said "Underestimate me. That's always fun."

No one did, I think. Last night's turn up at the RNC to whole-heartedly endorse Trump, despite having previously called him dangerous and unfit, was more or less as expected. Ron DeSantis ate some words. Marco Rubio has eaten some words. Mike Pence endorsed Ted Cruz in 2016 and ate rather a lot. Young Vance had better develop a strong appetite for eating whatever is on his plate and asking for seconds. 

Such is the nature of a party where some attendees at the RNC are wearing sympathy bandages over their ears to match their Fearless Leader, Man of Destiny, for whom God most certainly has a plan. All criminal charges and other lawsuits, all AR-15 bullets and/or shards of Teleprompter glass, are mere devices of the devil fashioned against him.

It's a cult. She couldn't beat them, so she joined them. The modern GOP has no real convictions, other than ones a jury might decide for them. 

And so passes a "Never-Trump" hope from the world. 

Trump Called RFK, Jr. and Talked About "Winning"


Here are the workings of a con--Trump is fluffing up RFK Jr. by discussing his pet bugbear--that vaccinations are dangerous (using the VERY debunked Wakefield canard), let's him know they are in it together, and that there is something in it for him.

Of course they are colluding--Republican donors are supporting measures to get third-party candidates on the ballot in hopes of diluting the Democratic vote.  They are hoping nostalgic Boomers or other people who think favorably of the Kennedy clan will miss the fact that NONE of the Kennedy's support RFK Jr. and he's actually both a kook and a heel (sex pest). And a grifter.

Trump doesn't mind offering a possible position to Kennedy--hell, he's a little something of a kook, a sex pest and a grifter himself. It's like a professional courtesy.

Tell everyone--a vote for third party is a vote for Trump. RFK Jr. running is a purposeful scam.

Tuesday, July 16, 2024

J. D. Vance: The Pence Replacement


Well, I feel like this is a theory that may get tested in some way, but Vance is on the record saying he would definitely violate the bejesus out of the Constitution on Trump's say so in the way Pence refused to, which totally explains how Vance (who once described Trump as "Hitler") got picked for the job. 

I mostly savage Vance around this blog for being a yellow-bellied Putin-appeasement monkey, but I also want you to know he's an authoritarian Christofascist fucknut with extreme anti-abortion views who thinks women should stay with abusive husbands "for the children" (yes, a deeply unhealthy POV). He's a climate change denier and a faux-populist--he talks some kind of game about the working class but despises actual working people. 

He's basically what you'd get if you tried to Weird Science-up a VP candidate by feeding a computer the Project 2025 manual and hooking it up to a My Buddy doll

Monday, July 15, 2024

And We Never Mention 1/6 Again?


Donald Trump was shot at. I guess. Luckily, he only got a bloody ear out of it. One Trump fan died protecting his children. It's a terrible thing. A 20-year-old registered Republican with an AR-15 climbed up to a shed roof, was not stopped by local law enforcement, and fired in the direction of the stage.

That's very certainly a terrible thing. We have a problem with gun violence in this country. Senseless deaths and horrific injuries occur all the time. 

The knee-jerk response of many Trump Republicans was to immediately blame "The Left", President Biden, DEI, CRT, the Jews and Ukraine, because all the money intended for the Secret Service apparently went to missiles and now they have to hire dumb girls, or something. That's right, before they even knew who the shooter was or had any idea why he was shooting (which we still don't know).

Oh, and one more thing: we better not criticize Fearless Leader or bring up January 6th ever again. 

Needless to say, that's not something I'm about to do. Donald Trump getting shot at isn't going to make him a better person and this shooting certainly doesn't cancel out what happened on January 6th. I still believe he has no business being president and the reckless lying about election fraud that led up to the massive violence of that day, the bloodshed, the Confederate flag being led through the Capitol, the violence intended to our political system. is something the Republican party must atone for--

It's Up to Us

  I spent the last few days putting off writing about the "Pass the Torch" movement. Oh, I was getting ready. I was going to sit d...