Trump World 2: The Collection Continues

 This is the Trump World dominated by the "Finding Out" phase--the same kind of content, but hopefully headed towards a favorable denouement. 

1/27/2024: TWGB: It should Cost Him More

1/31/2024: TWGB: Who is the Fairest One of All? 

2/2/2024: TWGB: Raining Bad Pennies 

2/7/2024: TWGB: Trump is Immuno-Compromised 

2/9/2024: TWGB: Perspective is a Dangerous Drug

2/11/2024: "I Would Encourage Russia to do Whatever the Hell They Want" 

2/16/2024: TWGB: Running Interference 

2/17/2024: TWGB: Nearly Nothing to Say 

2/20/2024: The Superlative Mr. Trump 

2/24/2024: TWGB: Is it Dead Yet?  

3/1/2024: TWGB: Broke and Losing It 

3/9/2024: TWGB: Wondering About His Super Seedy Ass 

3/12/2024:  TWGB: Bust Out? 

3/16/2024: TWGB The Only Winning Move  

3/17/2024:  TWGB: Aiding and Abetting 

3/19/2024:  TWGB:  Where Did it Go? 

3/21/2024:  TWGB: Impeaching Trump by Accident? 

3/23/2024:  Trump's Revealing Post 

3/25/2024:  TWGB: Not Like King David Either 

3/26/2024:  TWGB: Trump the Bible Salesman 

3/30/2023: TWGB: There is No Mask Left to Slip 

3/31/2024: TWGB: We Need the Wood! 

4/2/2024: TWGB: A Volatile Day 

4/4/2024: TWGB: Are You Buying What He's Selling? 

4/8/2024: TWGB: He is an Obstruction 

4/12/2024: TWGB: Trump Lies for Love and Money 

4/16/2024: TWGB: Been Caught Sleeping? 

4/19/2024: TWGB: Cold Courtrooms and Old Farts 

4/24/2024: TWGB: Where is the Cavalry? 

4/26/2024: TWGB: This Situation is Not Hypothetical 

5/1/2024: TWGB: And the Portions are too Small! 

5/7/2024: TWGB: Contempt!  

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