Thursday, June 13, 2024

TWGB: Milwaukee and the MAGAts


Poor little Trump. He has to be saved, you know. Mike Johnson is expected (by Trump, even if it isn't technically his job) to save Trump from the consequences of his Manhattan trial. He also wants to save Trump from his own motormouth

But why?  Of course, Trump is trashing the host of this year's Republican National Convention--he trashed the host of 2020's RNC as well.
He's not a big fan of Philadelphia--"bad things happen there!" He doesn't like Detroit. Actually, he hates whole swathes of the US--mostly the big cities. And blue states in general. Not a big fan of Puerto Rico, either. 

He really has a problem with immigrants (even though he married not one, but two). He's not too keen on our military and our vets. He's none too fond of protesters, unless they are showing up for him.

Hell, I'm not sure he likes America. He doesn't think we're great. He runs us down every chance he gets. I don't think Trump's biggest fans like America either--they think we deserve him even though they have to intentionally lie to cover up things he has done and said. 

He badmouths this country, and so help me, it just makes Republicans love him more:

It was a Republican who once said our enemies hate us for our freedoms. That is as may be--but I have seen who hates our freedoms. It's MAGA.

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Ali Redford said...

You know, I bet when Speaker Johnson's son was an infant, he never heard his son cry at night, either. Had no idea anything ever happened.

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