Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Here's What I know


President Biden loves his son, hasn't criticized or interfered with the investigation of his son that opened up  during his predecessor's administration, and says he will not pardon him. There has not been another case of someone being brought to trial for lying on a gun purchase form without some other, greater crime also being charged--there was no such crime here. He was found guilty by a jury, and a few of those people were now comfortable talking with the media.

Trump screams "rigged" about everything, and jury members of his trials are cautioned to stay anonymous for their own safety. These are not similar situations at all. And yet the real victims of Trump Derangement Syndrome (MAGAs) are already saying that Biden rigged a case against his own surviving son, just to distract from Trumps own supposed railroading.

There are some people you can't and really shouldn't try to reach. You could explain this to them all day and they wouldn't see it. It's like their paycheck depends on it (Fox News) or their sense of worth depends on it (losers). 

I really, truly, deeply believe you can only tell such people to go fuck themselves. Truth is for people who can still see truth. 

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