Tuesday, June 11, 2024



There's a lot to unpack in the conversations that undercover reporter Lauren Windsor had with the Alitos. The verification of Samuel Alito's sense of culture war driving his juris-imprudence doesn't entirely surprise me. Does he endorse the return of our country to "a place of godliness? So he does!

It seems to me he must be using his own personal notes for what he thinks godliness means--as for myself, I'm less ambitious, and would like to see the Supreme Court be a place of cleanliness, which would, I am told, be the next best thing and a bit closer to his job. 

But it's Mrs. Alito's sense of an ax to grind over Pride flags, her desire for revenge against the media (how dare they report unpleasant things--like her squabble with the neighbors, or the way her family's security detail may be threatening them), her combination of privilege and aggrievement, that fascinates me. It's her unselfconscious use of the term "feminazis". It's her reference to her German heritage. How she intends to get even. Eventually.

 And of course--the idea of shame--vergogna. Social liberals, especially the LGBTQ communities and their allies, I guess, should be ashamed for not agreeing with her and her husband's ideas about godliness.  (She and her husband don't share my ideas about the meaning of a "free country" but I don't want them shamed--just far away from the decision-making process that inserts itself under the roofs of every home into the bedrooms and inserts itself between a woman and her doctor regarding reproductive choice.)

It also seems to me, when she speaks about when her husband is liberated (from his job). Is it likely she supports Trump because her husband won't retire while Democrat is in office? Because I need only look back to Bush v. Gore to have a very real, clear problem with how Justice Alito (and likely Justice Thomas, who was there for that single-use tissue of legal thought) will rule with respects to Trump-related cases. 

And that, truly, is a shame. 


Unknown said...

"Hell" could defined as having to spend any time with the Alitos. A bunch of hate for only being 2 people.

Vixen Strangely said...

Access to money and power doesn't seem to have mde these people any happier. So I endorse, as always: Alito can retire and just not wait to start his whole life over. As a mayfly giddily exploring a venus flytrap. Anything he likes.

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