Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Monday, October 15, 2018

Invite Fleas, Encourage a Flea Circus

The Metropolitan Republican Club seems to think they had a problem regarding antifascists protesting , leaving meaniegrams, and tagging their establishment for no great reason, but after seeing their special invited guests, the Proud Boys, who have a pretty shitty reputation for head bashing, doing some head bashing (as they do a lot) I'm of the mind that this particular Republican club might have baited the antifascists by having fashy folk right there. Surely, an Antifa/antifap to-do was going to ensue. 

This is what they do. They attract people who also might like bashing heads.  It is hard, then, to feel strictly bad for the hosts of a fashy group for having gotten Antifa attention. 

There was a way not to do that--not invite them in the first place. But hearing them point out that what the Proud Boys say is more or less what one might expect from a more traditional conservative, such as Ann Coulter, is, well, priceless. 

Friday, October 12, 2018


Ok, Ok, I'm not brand new here, and I get that this ad might be calculatedly stupid just so that it will go viral. But in a climate where many GOP figures are bemoaning the lack of civility, this "cleats in the face" approach is refreshingly...poorly timed.

The Celebrity White House

My most difficult task as a blogger in the Trump era is trying to sort out the noise from the actual reality of things, when, for a considerable part of this administration, the noise is their point. It's easy to be distracted by something as obviously eyeball-seeking as Trump's invitation of Kid Rock and Kanye West to a White House bill signing to-do that really had nothing to do with them. The bill in question ensures artists can still receive royalties from music made before 1972. Neither Kid Rock nor Kanye West were making any music before 1972, but they are vocal Trump supporters--so there they are. 

Amidst the odd things rambled about in the event, one might miss that Trump, when questioned about the apparent murder of US green-card holder and Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi, gave some of the weakest baby-shit answers imaginable. Well, it's a darn shame. And it didn't happen here but in Turkey. And he wasn't an actual US citizen. And we made an arms deal. This genuinely makes me wonder if Trump actually grasps that murder is bad when governments do it. He doesn't seem to--consider his admiration for the Chinese handling of the Tiananmen Square protesters. He's praised the toughness of people like Rodrigo Duterte and Kim Jong Un specifically regarding their ruthlessness. It might sound in his mind like he's being some version of macho, the same as when he threatens the press with phrases like "enemy of the people"--he's "fighting back"!

And yet, here's the weakness of his rhetorical corner: this peculiar admiration for "toughness" means he "fell in love" with the North Korean dictator who delivered Otto Warmbier back to us in a clearly brutalized state. And because of Trump's "happy talk" kind of rhetoric, he paints himself into a bit of a corner, doesn't he? If North Korea is not compliant regarding what they might have agreed to think about doing (or if, perhaps, China and Russia are not compliant in upholding any sanctions re: North Korea on their end), Trump's switch from "love" is like a confession of failure. Trump needs his list of accomplishments, after all. 

It seems like, to Trump, a wee bit of extrajudicial killing for dictators is like pussy-grabbing when one is a celebrity: they just let you do it. "They" being people with no earthly observed or enforced ability to stop you. Why would he enforce what he clearly thinks is okay for Saudi Arabia to do? Aren't we already helping them do genocide in Yemen?

Which brings us back to celebrity and Kanye West. I am curious about what brought about the invitation of Trump-backing musical artists to this particular event, and wondered if, in part, the batshit signal didn't go up in response to Taylor Swift's recent endorsement of Democratic candidates and clarion call regarding the importance of voting.  It's like a form of entertainment-news poker: "I see your Swift and raise you a Yeezy."

But I worry that this is sort of like creating a spin-off of his usual brand now that his campaign-style rallies are even being ditched for low ratings on Fox News Channel. In rather the way The Celebrity Apprentice was a more interesting vehicle for the Trump reality tv brand--will we be seeing more famous(ish) Trump-supporting faces out there to sort of give him a little buzz when press is rough? Will Trump Administration press turn away from press briefings (which Sarah Huckabee Sanders seems really loathe to do, and Raj Shah is basically not likable for Sean Spicer values of "ugh") to just do weird "Love Boat" like "episodes" where Scott Baio or whoever just show up and everyone's time gets wasted because this person was in entertainment? 

There is no good reason for press persons to ask Kid Rock what he thinks about anything, except for enumerating the various right reasons for starting an escort service. There is no value in psychoanalyzing Kanye West, or even studying whether his performance suggests that Get Out was a documentary. His mental health is a family issue--but his and Trump's rhetoric about race (and masculinity) is definitely and regardless, not healthy. It's window-dressing that forces us to deal with "Trump as Celebrity" when we need to look at "Trump as Accountable Elected Official".

And he is failing at accountability, transparency, swamp-draining, and more. His celebrity persona, his carefully-cultivated persona, was being the guy who said "You're fired" and made money all the time--but the reality is he's a cheat, a scam artist, and he is afraid of firing John Kelly. He can't stand up to North Korea or Saudi Arabia and has to pummel immigrants and shit-talk Democrats to fake being something. 

He is a Potemkin president, all surface. But he has nothing at his core. His image is celebrity, and nothing more. 

Thursday, October 11, 2018

It's a Goddamn Shame, Lady

I'm so old, I remember when Robert Dear shot up a Planned Parenthood,

when George Tiller was killed in front of his church,

when James Alex Fields Jr. ran into Heather Heyer with his car,

when Dylann Roof shot nine people in a church,

when Taylor Michael Wilson tried to take over a train,

when Nikolas Cruz wore a MAGA hat,

when a Sikh gurdwara was shot up because a white supremacist only knows they looked foreign,

when a horrible Canadian mass shooter was a fan of US right wing voices,

and so on, and so on, but I guess the thing that really sticks out for me is when a mob of Rand supporters curb-stomped a journalist,  while Rand Paul himself was cozying up to people with names like the Southern Avenger.

Because "Meh? Sometimes white supremacy, deep thinking, right?"

But no, really, even though I know there was this one guy that shot Steve Scalise a bunch of times, the angry young men of the right have been sending death threats and pictures of rape and shit to people all the time.

I guess instead of embracing the gun, you could encourage your man to get out of politics. I think this would be most salutatory. Because then he, and by extension Mrs. Rand, would culture war no more.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The Only Orange Muppet I Fully Stan

Of all the absurd 2018 things to happen, one of the best Philadelphia-flavored ones has been Gritty, the mascot of your (my) Philadelphia Flyers. I haven't actually actively followed the team since the Legion of Doom days, but have stayed an admirer in absolute principle, as I have for the Iggles and the Phils, because it is my duty as a homer and because "No one likes us."  Indeed, Gritty became my red-headed brother despite what I thought at first was a corny, googly-eyed misfire--people outside the city called him out. 

Bitch, that's our corny, googly-eyed mascot. You get back in line. 

Better yet, something about Gritty being Antifa in the local political culture (Philadelphia is demographically brown, resolutely Democratic, fiercely working class and eccentrically progressive--with dashes of old-school racism and class war getting their ass regularly kicked) pisses off the people who by all means, need something to piss them off and entertains the people who need to add humor to their activism. 

Twitter has embraced the orange-bearded hero we all deserve:

Gritty is one of us. Late for Occupy, but not too late for the assizes to come. I don't expect a stadium of orange-jerseyed sports fans to switch in their preference from "God Bless America" to "Bella Ciao" anytime soon. 

But we have a mascot. And as we are the City of Brotherly Love, he is also with you. Join us, you have nothing to lose but your chains

Sunday, October 7, 2018

I'm Not Mad: I'm Organized

One of the tropes engaged by the pro-Kavanaugh side, which won, and to them, all due congratulations and warm salutations! was the idea that the people who were present to provide direct protest to his nomination and confirmation were paid, possibly by George Soros, because no person in the history of ever would be morally opposed to a political operative credibly-accused of being a sex pest whose wholly partisan elevation was given the go-ahead with the clearance of an FBI (Fig leaf-Backed Inquiry) investigation. I'm of a differing mindset, of course. 

I hold that problems can bite you no matter how tightly you close your eyes to them. And I also posit that any singular thing that escaped investigation prior to Kavanaugh's Supreme Court installment will by no means go unheard in the post-installment era. On the contrary--there will be a sense of personal investment in whether future information is heard, as it might not have ever been had only a fully coherent and comprehensive vetting taken place (to pre-squash all relevant opposition instead of letting it become a festering and divisive thing).

Yes, this is the post of a dedicated cynic--what I'm really decrying here is that all of this Kavanaugh shit seems so lazy. He's an operative and a hack, a Bush appointment to the Federal bench for reasons and a child of privilege. I am certainly not claiming that the Trump administration would ever give us better! But in the handling of the whole deal I'm pissed at played by an amateur hand. The Trump admin could have made sure more docs from Kavanaugh's time as a federal employee were released so it looked less like info was being hidden, and since even McConnell knew full and well Kavanaugh was a part of the Pickering and Pryor judgeships' vetting, why not be more forthcoming? Are we really supposed to be dead shocked about any conservative POV's coming from a conservative jurist? So much of the handling here was bad stagecraft--as if wanting to get liberals pissed at the lack of transparency. Trust--this process could have gone smoother.

I also wonder who exactly was the aide who leaked Dr. Ford's info. I am not wholly certain it was only Diane Feinstein's people who were aware it existed, anymore than I credit this gap in knowledge with the presence of the girl's teams Kavanaugh coached at his hearing and the initial letter of 65 female students of schools about his era, and the asseverations of his good-guy status from assorted clerks that he boosted. They look, in retrospect, like an inoculation from being called a creep in the advent of future revelations. 

There was no good faith in his selection about whether he would be an impartial voice. There was no impartiality regarding whether Dr. Ford or any other person willing to give testimony against his character would be heard--these people were always going to be marked as being mistaken or partisan for trying it. The voices of the disbelieved and believed too late, the voices of real women and men who, like Dr. Ford, wanted to just be heard out, who protested for and about her, were secondary to the process of getting this one guy on his SCOTUS seat. The Republicans gave lipservice to "believing something happened to her" but disbelieved her actual statement as 100% to whom it pertained. They fell in with the Whelenist "mistaken identity" doctrine, as flawed as it was.  And yet, that theory revealed a bit too much--it could not have existed had someone not been tipped off about details of the event that everyone (Republican) wants to pretend did and did not happen. Just as they want to pretend the Yale Ramirez claims have no merit, even if Kavanaugh appeared to be doing work to get in front of them.

I'm just a poor old non-Soros-funded blogger who even took a long-ass break this year to not blog for my mental clarity. It sure does look to me like every GOP step, even Flake's request for investigation and Susan Collin's false ambivalence and later, utterly shameful, political obituary speech, was calculated to incense liberals. The advancement of Kavanaugh was always a foregone conclusion, and any stall was by the leave of GOP senators who could then pretend they were being very big, after all. Big as fuck. For not just saying, "This is our man" and moving altogether on, with all the not-filibuster-needing majority they got. 

It was GOP base rallying theater. It was furthering the line that it was the dangerous leftists who are elevator-cornering political theater dramatists, snowflakes and screamers, who bullied and doxed and otherwise were pests and made the "conservatives" too uncomfortable to hear them out, and actually forced them to approve of Kavanaugh. 

To all the protestors--you did great and are great. Your stories matter, and their justifications for why you were ignored and your concerns went unheard stay about them, not you. You are loved and admired by me, forever, and you stay blameless and whole because no motherfucker can take away what is best about you. You are you, and nothing takes away that simple, beautiful thing, you only have experiences that are shit, and shit comes to shit people who make that their way. You did not make Kavanaugh happen by existing, protesting or telling your stories. But the GOP mindset, at present, made your stories their reason to let a political hack be their best chance. And made you the enemy. Made me, too, for opposing him. 

They will say the shrieking leftists and their presence and protest made the Kavanaugh swearing in their goal, and feel good--I say it means politics will need other means, and the ballot box became the leftist grail as it never was before, because the most direct action is voting. It was why iron-jawed sisters marched and sat in jail cells. It was why voter registration is forever linked to lynching in this country.

Before they can take it away--vote: don't get mad, organize, don't boo, vote. Had only more people voted for Hillary Clinton in PA, WI, etc, we could have had a liberal SCOTUS. And no person in the US would be wondering if reproductive freedom or custody rights, would ever be left in the hands of a rapist. We would not wonder about the future of government subsidized health care, or our rights to vote or marry or be our open gender representation. Because she (the president we could have had) would have had our back. 

I am not mad, and no RW operative has "pwned". But days like today are the greatest call to organization we could ever need.  Vote Democratic everywhere, even if only to preserve the Dem Caucus. The alternative is not unthinkable, it has only become too real.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Our President is Not Great

Donald Trump is what he is. I don't expect a lot from him. He's a racist, he's a misogynist. He's a political opportunist who takes time out from disparaging the account of a sexual abuse survivor to also preemptively discount the accounts of future accusers, as if demanding that no rape or harassment accusation merits the potential harm to one hair on a some poor man's head, and while he's at it, disparage the media that even bothers to report such things, and the lawyers who dare to put such cases forward.

But of course he's lashing out--he's a narcissist, and today, he received a spectacular wound to his carefully created image--that of being a self made man! The story from the not-so-failing New York Times, via Susanne Craig, David Barstow, and Russ Buettner, about how Donald Trump got so rich with the help of his father's money and a whole lot of tax evasion, is a breath of so much legal culpability (for him!) and fresh air to the miserable "work" his story has been--("work" meaning the pro-wrestling slang for fictional backstory) of having persevered as "a builder and entrepreneur".  This sad bullshit man lost money in the casino business where people give you money to experience the thrill of losing money! He was regularly experiencing cash infusions from his father, basically money-laundering from his own family, to keep himself in the game! And his family benefitted from his schemes, so, if ever this cretin wanted to deride Obama for the "dreams of his father", look to this guy for a monograph on the "schemes for his father's money". He isn't the guy some people want to think he is--and his ignorance about everything continues to become apparent to people who, you know. Know stuff.

How is this a consolation for the message given to survivors, though? He's also lost a little shine on his aura regarding the lawyer whose name he can't pronounce and his client, the woman who can positively ID his junk as a Mario Kart character facsimile.  The story regarding his attempts to cover up the illicit carnal connection show him bidding his number two son to use Trump Org lawyers to try and make enough rain to drown out the sound of his guilty penis crying.

Or something, anyhow, what I'm getting at is, it's a ridiculous situation that we have an admitted sexual abuser in the White House who has appointed a possible sexual abuser who will most likely cast a vote to dictate whether female-bodied people can or can't have control over our reproduction--but on the other hand, he's a disgusting basic-ass problematic criminally liable sexual abuser who can't even pretend for a minute that he's even decent people, whose best defense and offense comes back to, not legal brainz or higher truth arguments, but schoolyard slurs. Whether Mitch McConnell, a blasted soulless abyss surrounded by skin, ushers in this cretin (Kavanaugh) or some less problematic cretin in the congressional lame duck period, means less to me than what the unmasking of the open misogyny means.

They (the GOP) have revealed that no woman's pain matters to them. They went along for a very long ride along the subject of whether any woman's pain matters. It was partially revealed years ago with Anita Hill--but it was made highlighted and in relief this time about. They should have understood but stay ignorant about whether women matter--and this does not mean GOP women need elevation--they lie and lie on a bed of nails. Letting these women lose is a gift to them. May they learn from it.

Trump is a very special sort of monster, but he doesn't thrive without help. There is no good reason for any GOP politician to prosper in the upcoming election, so long as he is in office.

He is not great and can not "Make America Great". He is no friend to women. Let's end his political sway.

He couldn't make himself great with his dad's money and positive press. (He can only become president, but at what cost?) With Russian money and filthy lies about other people, why wouldn't his name be the trash it really represents? He has power, but is not and never will be great. A great mistake, maybe. A great shame.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Your Optics Aren't True From Every Angle

Because I try to understand things that seem wrong to me as if they were puzzles to which I'm missing pieces, I wanted to understand a phenomena that mystified me: folks who sympathized with Brett Kavanaugh. One of my cousins (a fundamentalist, I guess) posted to Facebook something that disturbed me about how clearly, Democrats were accepting money from somebody to destroy this great guy personally because....evil. Clearly, to my fundie cousin, liberals are just evil enough to destroy a guy because internet video of a half minute of one Democrat passing another something that they allege is an envelope of cash. Or maybe it looks like a note. And if it was an envelope of cash, why would it be flush in the middle of some C-Span televised shit?


I don't do politics on Facebook. I'm on the verge of deleting my profile for all the bullshit. But I do have this blog--and for what it is worth, I know the exact white women who might even have a #MeToo story to tell, and are not even privileged, and never will be, and still and all sympathize, not with Dr. Ford, but with the poor, put-upon, beleaguered, President of these United States and the Majority Leader in the Senate and of course, this pro-life dude, with a family and going to church and all that.

It is difficult for me to actually see what they see when they look at Brett Kavanaugh. I see a dude who came off during his response to Dr. Ford's testimony like a guy who had a bad reaction to being named second runner-up in a Bill O'Reilly look-alike contest. He was partisan, and aggressively so. He doubled down on the persona that brought his privileged ass to the very hearing he was at--the anti-left wing culture warrior who tried it with the Clintons. He called the Clintons out by name in his opening statement as if and because it was effective partisan rhetoric, but it in fact had not one thing to do with who he was before Clinton was elected. And his response suggested to me the state of mind he had when he was a jackass teenage son: it was still who he was today--only now bigger and meaner.

Christine Ford nee Blasey isn't a culture warrior--she doesn't come across as political (like I sure as hell do) and she is educated, intentionally, to understand her own mind and its trauma. It deeply affected me that she served as her own expert witness, mentioning how she knows and retains the things that imprinted on her own brain. Kavanaugh unquestionably is a culture warrior. He has been described as a Republican Forest Gump.  He has George W. Bush hanging up the brush he uses to paint the war dead to stump for his Senate votes. Blasey-Ford's family is extremely reticent to speak out. I sympathized with her because I paid attention to the record of Kavanuagh's many petty mistruths: his lie about the drinking age when he was carousing, because it was illegal for those under 21 when Brett was still 17 (a thing he should have known), the commonly-known definitions of terms used in his yearbook (devil's triangle and boofing) which are unsatisfactorily responded to, and the ridiculous "Renata Alumnius" lie, about a girl multiple schoolfriends of his and himself were alleging they basically "scored" with.

To me, a public school kid who seldom drank before HS graduation, who never would have dreamed of Ivy League regardless of whatever scholarship I could have gotten for all the reasons, and who has seriously seen more penises than I ever asked to before I graduated college, yeah I believe Christine. I believe Deborah Ramirez. I believe Julie Swetnick, because this culture has been documented.

But I guess I can also maybe understand why some women don't want this to be true and won't believe it. I know they are wrong (and I have no trouble saying it, but it means nothing in the broader sense of how it politically impacts anything) and they also have no use for those bitches who slandered Trump, also, too. They think these bitches are snitches, and snitches get stitches.  They are exactly out of all fucks for anyone who interferes with the utopia of RW Valhalla.

 Not all misbelievers are heaven-hoping Endtimers, tho'. I think some are just hacks. Or probably relatives of Brett Kavanaugh because here is a picture:

that sets aside the partisan filter for a minute.

There is a picture shared amongst the Left of gape-mouthed Caucasian sisters surrounding an angry Brett. But the picture shows his sympathizers, not detractors. They are allies to him, and their consternation is because he is upset, not because they disagree with the reasons he is upset.

It is probably not true that this debacle has mobilized all the women to vote--it isn't recognized universally as a debacle of a SCOTUS choice and not all women will feel like they need to vote for people who will curtail Trump's crappy SCOTUS and other Federal bench choices.

I wish it were so. But I am resigned it is not. Which is why I encourage all liberals to by all means vote for Dems who will try to block RW bench extremists. But keep in mind, there is another side. There are people who think nothing like you do. They like this kind of partisan signifying. And they are why you always need to vote strategically.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

When Did This Thing Go So Wrong?

Hey, all, long time, no post here, but I just wanted to check in to say I'm pretty good, even if the Republic seems a little weird. If you know my handle, you can follow me on Twitter, where I don't comment often, but retweet with a sure hand and a speed-reading eye. Or something like that. Don't bother emailing me. Email is like using the telegraph or a fax machine. 

Anyhoo, obviously I've got some thoughts to jot if I'm taking to ye olde longforms again, and this is about the whole Kavanaugh nomination. I have no idea if he's getting up or down-voted (even if I feel like, barring a bombshell in three minutes, McConnell is definitely on track to speed to a vote regardless of the optics because his programming on SCOTUs appointments is a legacy issue timed to elections and partisanship, and I also know that pretend-moderates like Collins can't be stupid enough to think we are all that stupid), but I do know that one of the delights of not blogging with the flow of the news cycle is getting some rudimentary sense of history back. I also think my regular readers know me regarding me esteem for the timeliness and need for the Me Too movement. Kavanaugh strikes me as a member of Team Bro--he (apparently) has ascribed since early manhood to a version of masculinity that talks shit and does dumb things. Does that mean he has for real and certain done things that disqualify him for the seat?

Well, I know he's a partisan hack and perjured himself during the hearing so far and not for the first time, and probably is a vote against Roe vs Wade, so, frankly, even if I didn't natively have enough to nail him as a sexual assault perpetrator as a larval popped-collar preppy young Republican, I can feel pretty sure that he's a big old nope-in-waiting in a world where just the facts pertained--he's a guy who wouldn't be at the top of your SCOTUS list unless you were a chief executive who really was hoping that some executive privilege shine would prevent you from getting indicted on a charge of potential light treason. (Can I briefly mention what a wondrous penumbra executive privilege would have to cast on such an occasion where written opinion would presume that other assumptions of rights bestowed by the white spaces in the law as opposed to the black were eclipsed? But I digress.)

And yet it's been quite clearly alleged that the hesitant claims of drunken sleaziness (by other people, not those admitted in his own yearbook or memorialized in an albeit fictionalized version of himself from a close high school companion) are a part of a "Vast Left Wing Conspiracy".  Great shades of the "vast right-wing conspiracy" commented upon by the 2016 presidential election popular vote-winner, back when Kavanaugh was a part of that brigade, who uselessly spent taxpayer money investigating the suicide of her good friend Vince Foster, despite the pain of that man's family, and who spared no feelings in encouraging the most salacious and hurtful lines of questioning re: Monica Lewinsky.

If Kellyanne Conway or Mitch McConnell think they can get my fucking sympathy for poor old disrespected Brett, they've got this whole thing badly wrong. But they don't want my sympathy, they want the pissed off RW base who needs to see whores give birth to their babies they didn't want to be overjoyed that Roe Vs Wade has finally fallen. (See: Everything Erick Erickson has been Tweeting, lately because, wow! Us bitches have just been killing our children, for a value of children for us feminazis that is mostly teaspoon-sized with tails and no possible threat of pain, and his version being angelic teacup-toddlers who have a hotline to babby Jesus.) Also payback for Robert Bork, I guess, because Merrick Garland never existed. And the base doesn't realize Bork was a fucking mess. Or maybe they do--their kind of fucking mess. 

See, the other thing I have gotten perspective about from my blogular absence was the sheer difference between the sides. I abstained from chiming in about the death of Senator John McCain because I wanted to abstain from his hallowing--the spectre of St. McCain threatened to dampen the urge to Resist, and this doesn't work in any way, shape or form. For us libs, McCain's actual progressive usefulness to our side was always more of a promise than a threat to the Republican establishment. And the touchy-feely niceness of bipartisan remembrance, like GWB sharing hard candies with former FLOTUS Michelle Obama, really doesn't change a thing. Kavanaugh worked for Bush, and those withheld docs from his time working for that administration mean something. Did he support torture? (Amnesty International never weighs in on court noms--but here, they have.) Bush is still supportive of this freaking guy.  He didn't suddenly morph into some resistance dude over Werther's Originals with our "going high" spokesperson

And I'm not for going high, myself anymore. I am entirely down with hitting these fuckers right in the nuts.  Mitch McConnell, Russia's dubiously-useful idiot Donald Trump, and yep, even pore ole alleged incel until he was shockingly past high school Brett Kavanaugh, who somehow thinks talking about the activity of his junk post secondary school absolves him of any weirdness (as if penetration was the only kind of abuse!) all probably need some down-low smacking where it will hurt and count. 

And that down-low smack goes to anybody who wants to know where this thing went so wrong and why people are talking about their personal business (protesters of Kavanaugh are telling Congressional aides the stories of their assaults, the time they also realized they were Me Too) while they protest this latest outrageous degradation of norms and propriety. 

Trump and McConnell and any number of RW spokesfolks can claim Kavanaugh is a "fine man". I don't know what their definition of fine man is, though. Copacetic? Role-knowing? See, I remember the 2004 election, when John Kerry was what many of us libs would call a fine man, and he was Swift-boated by the same folks who called Obama a Kenyan and a Muslim. And he mentioned Dick Cheney's daughter in what all of us would have considered an off-hand way as being lesbian--which isn't a smear for Dems. It isn't. And yet--this mention was a big deal for Republicans.  It was completely true--she was lesbian, and mentioning it was beyond the pale. Even if things said contemporaneously about Kerry were fucking lies. And Dick Cheney was and is a proponent of torture. 

The right wing and the left in this country seem to have totally different ideas of what is even good. There isn't a great overlap of ideals anymore from what I can tell, and if that is the case, I'm just for fucking the Pro-Trumpists side right the hell up.

I don't know or care where this thing went wrong. I just know I stay resolutely on the side that isn't pro-torture and pro-infinite executive stay out of jail cards, and I'm pro-women aren't the sum total of their reproductive parts and pro-rubbing Mitch McConnell's Stepford Senator jowls into not delivering this particular Bro Keggernaugh to the SCOTUS.

Here I stand, I can do no other.