Saturday, June 25, 2016

Brexit, Pursued by a Bear?

I'm a little bit at a loss as to how to write about the vote of the UK to leave the European Union, because the details of what it meant to the UK economical seemed to be a bit complex and regional and I'm over here on this side of the pond anyway, so it wasn't a thing I followed especially. What I do know is that the UK did not, as a resut of this vote, leave the UN--which some chyron entry person at FOX Mushroom Farm seems to have thought.

What is a bit concerning, though, is the possibility that people who voted for the UK to leave the EU did so without entirely understanding what they were voting for, and that some seem to, the very morning after, regret their vote.  The market freak-out investors faced on the dawn of this new trade reality probably was a bit of bracer that the economic ramifications might actually be extensive (although maybe non-UK traders should cool their jets, alright?)

And the timing is, in world news terms, pretty stunningly offset by the US Presidential election's own bete noire, Donald Trump, landing in Scotland (which voted to Remain) whilst praising the Brexit vote. As you might know, Scotland already thought Donald Trump was a wee daft tangerine bawbag of indiscriminate geography, but post-Trumpian Brexit commentary, they waxed Rabbie Burnsian, and some.  Because, and gather 'round, children, the fact is, Trump does not actually know shit about trade or foreign policy, and what he's saying about US trade policy and what he means to do to it is get "exity". Dissolve current trade deals and singularly negotiate new ones with each place on the strength of the kind of excellent interpersonal skills that made him so beloved in Scotland. Awesome-sauce! See what happened to the British pound on the morning after the vote when there's still the possibility that the MPs (who actually decide) can back out? What happened to markets all over?

Yeah, that bearish to-do will be much larger on the face of the coming of Trump to an economy personal to my actual readers (mostly US-Aians). Which is why I want to reinforce the necessary idea that elections do have consequences, yeah?  The UK might be able to adhere to the schoolyard tradition of "takesies-backsies"--but while I really think Trump's economic plan would be a first 100 days'  constitutional crisis,  he has nonetheless the potential to do real harm because he is, basically, a Thicky McThickerson. You can't even drill down to the bits of brain active enough to take on new info.

So that why I had night-terrors late Thursday--the implications of this kind of vote and what it signifies is not unique to the UK. And that doesn't even get me started on the semi-Fascist and racist parts. But they are there.  And I can't unsee them.

I recommend all US voters get very intimate with successful political-content Googling during this election year--it means a lot.  Don't wait until after the vote, or assume that some responsible pool of voters will just do the right thing so you don't have to. Doing right matters. It always does.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Trump Gave a Stupid Teleprompter Speech Wednesday

For what it's worth, Trump tried to respond to the very good speech that Hillary Clinton did about his bullshit economics/business record and sort of stayed on Teleprompter. I guess that's good, in that he got some very needed Teleprompter experience because without one, he kind of dives into incoherent bs. But he did give fact-checkers a bit of a workout.

It sort of disappointed me because I was hoping for just a little bit more fact-challenged conspiracy-theory obvious batshit--but I guess he's trying to take this running for president thing seriously, and that he cites completely debunked gossip stuff is maybe not such a surprise after all from the big bad celebrity "Birther" whose investigators were turning up fascinating things in Hawaii.  OMG you guys! This could retroactively affect that whole 2012 election where Obama kicked the ass of the guy Trump endorsed and stuff while Clinton was still his Sec. of State and whatnot--but YOU DO YOU THE DONALD! Really feel right now that as a patriot, if Trump had the goods, he could have totally ended the Democratic White House farce with so much knowing of the stuff, but he didn't, so. (?!)

Also in the news, Donald Trump is still a racist misogynistic bigot whose speech got eated by House Democrats having a sit-in. Still getting in formation? Yes, very much so. Thanks for asking!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Although getting a vote on gun control is unlikely to result in any legislation right now, in the same way that the recent Senate filibuster resulted in four bills going to the floor and being rejected, the point is that it is even addressed and that the members of Congress are on record.

Thoughts and prayers are not enough.

Just when he thought he was out...

They pull him back in!

I thought he was saying that the US Senate was no fun and he never got to do cool stuff and really meant it, you guys.

But is certainly is a job. His website offers why he's running. I hope he loses.

Hillary Clinton Sends up Deadbeat Don

There's a certain fortuitousness about Hillary Clinton getting to deliver a speech against Donald Trump's economic proposals against the backdrop of all and sundry discovering that Trump is so broke.  She spilled all the tea about how Trump's economic proposals sucked a lot.  She was actually awesome and brought knowledge. Trump is somehow a businessman who is scarily supposed to be successful, but never actually is. She called him out.

She has been hitting him hard lately, and this strikes me as so "not wrong" I don't even think I have  comment.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Guess Who Was Hanging With the Homophobes Today?

If you said it was Donald Trump that hung out with the homophobes today, give yourself a golf clap and wipe the smile off your face because nobody didn't know that, okay?  Today, after a seven hour or something like that meeting with evangelicals, at which, amongst other odd things he did was question Hillary Clinton's faith (about which, maybe I got some stuff later?); he then decided that Jerry Falwell Jr and Michele Bachmann were totally the best people he had to be his emissaries to the land of the Evangel. 

You might think it's weird as hell that this time last week he was trying to 'splain to LGBTQA folk that he was better than Clinton for them. You are exactly right. This would be weird as hell--if  you adopted the premise that Trump actually gave an overt shit about queer people before at any time that was not cancelled out by anti-queer shenanigans.

Now, I don't think he's a theocrat by nature--nope. He's just your old-fashioned "folks who are different suck" kind of hater. But he is standing at the ready to support theocrat business, elect theocrat-friendly judges, and doesn't stick with queer people longer than it takes for us to grieve our dead.

I have no use in the world for this man. Not compost. Not a coastal habitat for aquatic life (to class up the destination of Luca Brasi.) That picture above? Is the smile of a man who just kissed the ass of millions of homophobes he never met, but Lord he'll respect their offerings.

Yes he will. And I am faithless and disgusted. What does it profit a man? Probably not enough to even repay his loans to his own campaign--but it is what a GOP candidate must, tooth-gritttingly, do, no?

Screw him and the party he rode in on.

The Campaign from 1964 and Draper Sterling

A lot of people might think that when the Trump Campaign fired Corey Lewandowski by phone, and he was escorted out by security due to some kind of coup arranged by the Trump children (especially Ivanka, who I guess is the brains of the group) that this was the news of the day--so not. That wasn't even the best bit of the day, even though it was ammmmaaaaaazzzing that Lewandowski could manhandle a reporter and even be arrested and charged, and it is like "No big"--until Trump falls behind Clinton in the national polls by so much! But yeah, that only looks cosmetically bad--presidential campaigns have personnel shake-ups all the time, especially when transitions are being made--and we think Donald Trump is going to PIVOT TO THE GENERAL ANY SECOND NOW.


But this weirdly addressed political campaign info dump on a Monday morning at the top of the news cycle makes no sense unless it was supposed to bigfoot some other, more awkward news--if I suspect that there is anyone kind of media-savvy in Team Trump, and based on the primary, could be. The sort of bad news--the Trump campaign is all kinds of broke--but this isn't new for them. The news that the Trump campaign only raised like $3.1 mill this month and has $1.3 mill on hand and owes something like $42 mill, and mostly uses Trump properties for its expenses meaning Trump is paying himself back--whoa! It's complicated, right? It's a lot like maybe the Trump campaign is just a giant funnel constructed to get GOP donations where Trump pretends to self-fund by "loaning" money to his campaign, but since the loans aren't forgiven--meh? The accounting stuff is probably boring to all y'all even if I think it's the most interesting thing I've seen in a forever. (Money nerd for life.)

But the cutesy thing where his web IT guys are "Draper Sterling"? Like from the tv series Mad Men? Are you shitting me?