Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Friday, June 25, 2021

Demonstrably False and Misleading

 Rudy Giuliani's law license has been suspended because he's a liar and because the lies he has told and continues to tell are dangerous, divisive, and damaging to democracy. I don't know if he and the other members of the dopey Strike Force understand the degree to which they helped fuel the violence that took place January 6th, or understand that the danger isn't over (although Giuliani's legal representation claim they don't believe he poses a "present danger" to the public). 

I don't know it--but I would be shocked that they don't. It is just as unlikely, I think, that they don't know how dangerous their lies are, as that they somehow did not know the baseless claims they made regarding the election were wrong. Although Giuliani has done some buffoonish things, I don't think he is so simple as to not understand that rhetoric devised to deceive and inflame passions does exactly that. Although Sidney Powell comes off as somewhat unbalanced--she's not a dummy either. They made a calculation, albeit one that seems not to have included the potential for professional accountability.

I really don't have much more to say about it than, they played stupid games and now it's time for the stupid prizes. 


Thursday, June 24, 2021

Die Lösung


The thing the folks at Fox won't tell you about Critical Race Theory (and despite their mentioning of it for hours on end, anymore) is that it's generally a college elective course (although activists don't want it taught in college, either), that their "concerned parents" are Republican potted ficuses, and that their concern about it is an okey-doke. Because Republicans have decided that a racial backlash to the idea of "wokism" is going to be a wave they can ride back into the majority. And because complaining about being called racists distracts from the actual racist voter laws they want to enact and have actually succeeded in enacting.

I guess because nothing will refute the notion that people in power will try to codify their grip on power like, um, very obviously doing that thing. So they are applying the simple argument of being hardened latex and calling their critics a tactile adhesive. (A basic schoolyard "tu cuck" argument grounded in "pwnership is 9/10ths of yer maw".)

It has the white parents very concerned I tell you. This is what desegregating schools has led to, I guess. Being dead afraid that kids will talk about racism in an open, respectful classroom setting instead of learning at it home and on the street as one ordinarily does. Having one's precious wee kid's home truths broken by the inclusion of differing perspectives seems so, so---


I snark, because the Republican war on history is something I've covered before. The historical revisionism, the censorship  and narrowing of the discussion, is a part of fascism. And Trump and his progeny are soaking in it. 

Take Florida Governor DeSantis, if you please. He's no more post-Trump than if he were the politically-viable son Trump never had. It's pea-brained McCarthyism at its most shameless. Whatever is this intrusion on the beliefs and ideas of students in colleges but an attempt to chill conversation--to create a Kalt KulturKampf? Where politics (stale ideologies) are considered identities, static, not ideas to be argued in genuine intellectual contest but trenches to be dug?

It looks to me like the Republican party has determined they offer so little to the people that might vote in future elections, that they have decided that some of the people (whose votes they tried very much to throw out in the 2020 election, regarding Trump's very decisive loss) need to be "dissolved", because there is no way, using their current rhetoric, they can ever be democratically won. 

I am only being a trifle snarky by likening them to the Soviets criticized by Berthold Brecht owing to their hyperventilation over socialism and Marxism (Oh noes! Muh Red Scares!). But they are most decidedly not "for the people." 

Saturday, June 19, 2021

What I Cannot Swallow


The US Catholic Bishops would like Joseph Robinette Biden, President of the United States and observant Catholic, to be barred from the sacrament of communion because he holds, as a matter of conscience, that other people should also follow the dictates of their conscience with regard to the medical termination of pregnancy.

I am unbaptized and non-believing, so I can't speak for the practice of communion as a Christian, but I studied the odd bit of theology. Sharing in the body of Christ is a reminder that God so loved us, he became flesh, and we are closer to him through that gift. In the Bible, Christ asks us to recognize that we share oneness in the body--what you do to anyone, imagine you do to Him. The leaders of the Church in America are denying a member of their body communion with that body. They are cutting him off because he cares what happens to female-bodied people trying to access reproductive health care.

I'm not a person of faith, but I've been female-bodied my whole life, and my sex is one of the reasons why I've always felt the Church had nothing for me. Where was the culture of life for the children of the Magdalene laundries, or for the women themselves? Where was the culture of life for indigenous children in the United States, Canada or Australia? Where was the culture of life when children were and are sexually assaulted by church leaders? Whre was the culture of life when women stayed married to husbands without benefit of divorce, being abused and giving birth to child after child? If they never cared to deny the sacrament to warmongerers, or torturers, or supporters of the death penalty, why pick on Grandpa Joe Biden, who just thinks maybe people can choose whether they should have kids right now, and understands that these things are complicated? Because of any number of things, tragic and not. 

I don't know how significant it is to receive communion in the form of a religious ritual, because to me, communion is when you empathize with other human beings you meet along the way--and believe me, Biden does this. He is a gregarious, people-oriented person who can't not feel for others. I think the Church is actually diminished when it stoops to this kind of low political pettiness. I would greatly prefer it leave Biden's conscience alone, and consider the Church's own.

Friday, June 18, 2021

And What Does He Get?

He gets what everyone who associates with Trump would get, sooner or later. It isn't thanks. It wouldn't be. He was weighed in the balance and found wanting, etc. Trump didn't fail, he was failed. It will probably become, for some, a legendary tale of when the man, Trump, was stabbed in the back.

Because of course. 

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Keep an Eye on This One


I know there are discussions from time to time about which one of Trump's kids is likely to follow up on his political "legacy" such as it is, with Ivanka being his favorite and Don Jr. being his, um...well. His namesake. But keep an eye on Lara Trump, because while, as Trump spouses go, Jared Kushner is pretty bad, she tries harder. And no, I don't think she is just a vapid bigot saying what amounts to "murder brown people" by accident. The Trump brand seems to be writing permission slips for violent right-wing fantasists. That is a very conscious choice.

Friday, June 11, 2021

Magnetizing Videos

Yeah, this person might not be "jiving" in the sense that her silly ass tried to stick a key on herself like that was a thing that was really happening. She apparently thought the display would be more dramatic than that. Honestly, if keys are sticking to your neck, for crying out loud, stop using pancake syrup as a moisturizer!  Keys aren't even usually magnetic! They are brass or some other, nonmagnetic alloy.

It seems like some of these credulous people have just been passively watching videos posted to Facebook, and have convinced themselves that that qualifies as "having done research". But if you're familiar with psychic debunkers like the late James Randi--you wouldn't see a video of someone with assorted metal things stuck to them and immediately assume "this is very credible".  You would wonder: "how did they do that?"

You might even, before showing your gullible face in public, also wonder why they might do that.

I have to question the kind of mind who finds it easier to believe that pharmaceutical companies would play a game like "Let's replace this vaccine with magnetic crystals and see if anyone notices" than that randos on the internet are playing shenanigans, whether for attention, active disinformation, or just to generally be pests.

Also--what would be the mechanism by which a small amount of injectable material magnetizes the body of a full-grown person? It seems to me like a person who has come to the conclusion that one can be magnetized by a COVID-19 vaccine injection hasn't given a lot of thoughts to how vaccines or magnets work

Some of these conspiracy theorists aren't uneducated people--they just aren't thinking. It may feel like they are doing the work because they are engaging with a new idea ("Vaccines ae bad, actually"), but they are responding at an emotional, not intellectual, level. Believing things you see on a YouTube video is not empirical data!

Of course, it's reasonable to be concerned about what you put into your body. The American diet is stuffed with dodgy, not especially nutritious things, and the fact that we have drug advertisements on television is really bizarre. But it's also really important to be concerned with what you put (or allow to be put) in your head.

I recommend--for goodness' sake, people, think about the things you're thinking about!

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Louie Gohmert is Speaking "Jive"


I'm seeing a lot of liberals assume that the gibberish that Rep. Gohmert is spouting here is ignorance or signs that he's nuttier than chipmunk turds, but actually, I understood what he was getting at because he isn't talking liberal language. He's talking a very specific kind of climate denialist "jive"--and I get it. I'm by no means fluent in it, but just to cut through the "Can we change the orbit of the moon?" bullshit--


He's being disingenuous. It's usually a kind of Christian climate denialist cop-out I think of as the "God is God" gambit. Climate change can't be anthropogenic because we're not powerful enough, and even if we were, nothing happens that isn't God's will, and since you can't change the moon's orbit or solar flares, well then! There's nothing to be done, so sorry. Nice run, old Planet Earth, but we've a place way up yonder.

(Often, it goes along with "God promised he would not kill us with a flood again", which is just--also bizarre and not right.)

It's not supposed to be connected to any science. He mentions the orbit of the earth and moon and the solar flares thing as a distraction. Scientists largely agree that climate change is mostly caused by humans. The slight changes in either the moon's orbit or Earth's around the sun are happening a a rate we wouldn't really notice. Solar flares cause barely a ripple. But the dismissiveness is the point. 

See Marjorie Taylor Green on the "so-called science" of evolution. The coronavirus had to be created in a lab because it didn't evolve you guys. That's just silly heathen science. Demons invented it in the labs with alien DNA and baby parts. That's the only thing that makes sense. Use your brain, morans!

If you wanted to question, well, how then, did anyone learn to engineer a virus except by observation of biological changes in organisms over time? Well, the moran is you, because nothing about her statement is intended to invite a debate or even a real conversation.  It signifies to people who agree with her that she's with them--it doesn't have a thing to do with the objective reality we want to talk about.

Now, don't get me wrong, I think the both of them are dumb as hell, and it's just as well. They aren't conveying anything of any sense to people who want a meaningful conversation, anyway. So maybe they deserve the Twitter outcry--it's just, they are probably wearing it as an "owning the libs" moment because they got the pointless display they wanted. 

Take the Hint, Dems


Mitch McConnell is the guy who said earlier this year his job was to 100% block the Biden agenda. This was the guy who did the same thing to Obama, and denied him a SCOTUS pick. This guy right here, who says in the clip above, that the era of bipartisanship is over, and if you want the time of death--shit, that thing has been buried. He doesn't want to pass any kind of voting rights bill, any more than he wanted to even bring up voting security legisalation before the 2020 election. He doesn't want any kind of infrastructure or jobs bill that will, in his mind, hand President Biden a win.

He doesn't want it. And if the filibuster is at 60 votes, you get less than 10 Republicans for anything. And if the filibuster was set down to 55 votes, you'd be lucky to get 2 or three. That's how he wants it, and he gets it.

That's not to say you won't sometimes pass bills with Republican support or get certain cabinet or judicial appointments filled. It isn't to say some of the more moderate Senate Republicans will always toe McConnell's line--but I don't see how sticking to the ghost of bipartisanship helps.

And here's the thing--McConnell killed it, so you don't even have to feel guilty. Someone gets in your face about whatever happened to bipartisanship--you know who to point to. 

That was how he wanted it. That's how he should get it.

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

But Why This Case?

I joke that I am no sort of Suzy Silverlinings, and I try to maintain a fair amount of cynicism, but when it comes to this case, I genuinely hope that the claim that this is to protect "institutional interests" is with the hope that the case fails in this instance. Of all Trump's "l'etat c'est moi" bullshit, the idea that the DOJ had any business in what was wholly a case of Trump's gross personal life is exceptionally egregious.