Wednesday, April 24, 2024

TWGB: Where's the Cavalry?


Trump's trial, in a way, involves a bit of myth-making--today we learned that, per an agreement between Trump and David Pecker of the National Enquirer, stories were placed in the paper regarding Trump's 2016 political opponents that were wholly false. So if you were wondering about Ted Cruz's dad, the mad assassin, or Marco Rubio's love child, well--they were bogus. This puts a real damper on the idea that the 'catch and kill" part of the deal, where the public did not read negative stories about Trump's wayward libido had something to do with Trump's desire to protect his family--it was about politics, i.e.--election interference.

Trump also seems to want to create another myth--that there ARE SO throngs of supporters who would be protesting the case against him right now, if they weren't being thwarted by...something. There just...aren't, though. And he's been telegraphing as hard as he can via his gag order violations that he wants someone to save him so bad, too! Where is the cavalry?

Yeah, about the gag order. Trump's lawyers didn't have a great defense for Trump's multiple gag order violations that survived actually looking at the posts Trump has made. But there's nothing accidental about the violations--I think they are very intentional. Trump is what could be called a "habitual line stepper" in any event, but he's smacking right up against witness intimidation and jury tampering quite deliberately, both to see how far he can go and to try and draw a penalty in the hopes it signals to his cavalry that the time has come. 

This is why he whines about the gag order the way he does. His first amendment! (He does not, actually, have a right to witness intimidation and jury tampering, and is not the first human to be slapped with a gag order to prevent those very things--it's a stupid argument.) How is he to DEFEND HIMSELF! (It's a court of law. That's what layers are being paid to do. It's another appallingly stupid argument.)

So, look at this Truth Social post from just moments after the gag order was discussed in court:

Yeah. That looks exactly like a guy who is baiting the judge to do something about him. And what do I think about that? 

Well, I think, if he plays stupid games, he deserves to win stupid prizes. The Secret Service is trying to sort out what to do in just this event.

I don't know if Trump has mentally absorbed what might happen though, if he does go to jail and the cavalry says, "Meh." I mean, if Trump fans have learned anything from his example and that of the 1/6-ers, it's that you shouldn't really do crimes in a jurisdiction where the liberal establishment is liable to nail you. It would just be damn dumb to do.

And maybe they are starting to catch on to what a sleazy character he's always been. That's a possibility, too. 

UPDATE: Aaaannnd BOOM! Trump just did some more apparent violating on my local ABC news station. You simply can't pretend he doesn't know what he's doing. 

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