Tuesday, May 28, 2024

TWGB: In Memory of His Sacrifice!


Honestly, people!  Didn't you pause amidst your bank holiday sales and cook-outs and fireworks and actually honoring the fallen servicemembers of the wars of the United States to think of the real sacrificial victim of all of our total history, bar none, of which there have been none greater, one Donald J. Trump, Stable Genius? 

Maybe you did because you missed his bizarre self-pitying post! But I'm extremely online, so I got to be appalled the way normal-thinking people actually would be on being confronted with the comfortable, silver-spoon airhead of advanced age telling us his pussy-grabbing and bank-defrauding penalties are proof of a rigged system. Even though he has the funds to appeal it all the way, paid for by his non-silver spoon airhead faithful. 

He is sweating this week, badly. Just like gag orders and white-collar fraud charges are apparently some brand-new stuff invented last Tuesday to jam him up, also the prosecution going last at a criminal trial in New York is new. He's saying a lot.

Maybe that's just the laws of the jurisdiction because it is up to the prosecution to present the facts and make their case? Maybe the case Trump presented was bad because he insisted on putting Costello up to refute Cohen which...isn't how that happened?  But Trump isn't a big fan of facts. He wants the last word, the way he has gotten it by hollering out his complaints outside the courthouse, clutching printouts from Fox News personalities as if they were there to save him, with the faith of a child beset by boogeymen clutching his teddy bear. 

He didn't endure and get a settlement in favor of E. Jean Carroll for Americans--that was him. If he is taken to trial again because he can't stop defaming her--that's on him. He didn't settle Trump University or the Trump Foundaton because he wanted to serve America--he would have had to open his checkbook regardless. And he didn't try to hide his affairs to serve you, the good people of the USA by winning the 2016 election. 

He was serving himself to win that, like a bucket-list bauble he could cross off. The same as his bone-spur allegedly-having ass getting a Purple Heart.  This isn't lawfare--it's just the law. He broke it, a lot. He will continue to, if, as some soft-hearted souls suggest, he is pardoned. It is his nature. He is contumacious. He hates the law and regular order. He wants it cut to his size, tailored to his discontent. 

It is far more likely his run for office is the "patriotic" last refuge of a scoundrel, with a certain degree of Christian Nationalism to make him a signifying pious fraud as well. 

The Trump Organization tax fraud--ongoing for years--that's him, nothing to do with wanting to be president. Absolutely everything you see is him doing this to himself by being an entire corrupt appalling audacious monster. 

So imagine a man setting himself on fire in sacrifice to his own ego, and you'd be much closer to the truth than Trump's idiot sound and fury, signifying a lot of nothing. And I love my country too much to mind watching him burn. 

UPDATE:  I mean think of his immature children!

They gave up everything! See that gilded pauper's shack they are all standing in in the picture? Everything! Do you want Lara Trump to have to SING FOR HER SUPPER!?!?!? 

Good heaven I wish these people would go away.


JustMusing said...

What a sad, pathetic, small man. Draft dodger, adulterer, craven despot wannabe, convicted rapist, and now the jury has his next conviction(s) (or not) their hands. I'm rooting for guilty on all 34 counts and a stiff sentencing from the judge (who showed tremendous grace during the trial).

Advanced age. Hmmm. I'm one day younger than T****, but a whole lot more active and, having just retired as a senior staff electrical engineer, working vigorously on project cars, learning new CAD programs, and exercising; I'm still advancing, contemporary, and forward thinking!

So chronologically, I'm old, but still robust enough to drive high performance vehicles, and T**** is simply decrepit, obsolete, and mentally unsound.

It's not the age, it's more the mileage and how well you took care of yourself.

Pun intended!

Vixen Strangely said...

Trump wears his years worse than others--I think maybe the better term might be "high mileage"! I find myself thinking, when he complains of the cold in a court that others have described as not so frigid at all, whether he suffers from some circulatory complaint. That might be his cholesterol-based diet talking. (This might also explain what is happening now to his brain when we hear him speak.)

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