Thursday, June 20, 2024



I have expressed my dislike of cryptocurrency before--it's a waste of resources to create an exchange of false value for the purpose of mostly performing intentionally non-traceable transactions. Or something like that--except for all this memecoin shit, which is just POGS for cyberpunks. I' m just not the one--my money goes to tangible shit like internet access and costume jewelry and ravioli and vodka. I don't understand this weird tribal digital bead-trading thing. 

Anyway, I noticed a couple months ago that if you searched the social media site formerly and currently known as Twitter for "$DJT" you no longer just got current posts about Truth Social (Which is still failing! Sad!) but so many MAGAs and weird assorted bros just using that as a hashtag and stuff on their posts, and also, there was this memecoin with the same identifier: $DJT. And maybe it was supposed to kickback money to Donald Trump's eWallet or whatever? That's funny money-it doesn't matter--

Or does it

I paid it no mind . Memecoin and memestock are like Trix--they're for kids. And then it seemed like maybe Martin Shkreli the Pharma Bro was behind the $DJT thing and was working with barely legal Barron? 


Cool felon to felon connection that probably violates Shkreli's release and Donald Trump's bail (presuming he's in on it, because of course) if true. Or no? Anyway, Shkreli says he is working with Barron and some other boys and it's cool.

Do I know what to think--hell no! Also, too, neither would Donald Trump, who has no idea how crypto actually works. And would I think Trump would enmire his youngest child in a weird scam thing--uh yes? If he was getting adequate kickbacks, why not? 

Anyway I like presidents who just focus on working with our allies to do normal foreign policy shit and boost manufacturing and employment and other normal economic shit instead of whatever this is supposed to be. 

Because it kind of looks bad and I suspect it is bad. 

See, Trump fans don't seem to understand the Trump brand is a net money loser. They see losing money for Trump as a "donation" to the "cause". This is why they are suckers for shit like "I'm with felon" shirts or "Anti-Woke Water" or whatever. 

A more eligible field of pigeons for the plucking has seldom been assembled.

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