Thursday, May 30, 2024

Just So We're Clear About Trump's Trial

 Trump is lying about his defense and what he was supposedly forbidden to do:

If Trump pursued an advice of counsel defense, he would have to give up privilege over his communications with Cohen (and that might have been tricky). Same thing with whether he could take the stand--of course he could, His lawyers would have asked him questions within the limits of the gag order and could coach him how to not fuck up--but he would have, and it would have introduced various indiscretions on his part that would impeach him as a witness.

Trump is his own bad news. He's a serial liar and scofflaw. 

Trump also complained about witnesses who were not called up--does he mean Allen Weisselberg? Because nothing was stopping his defense from calling him, other than whether he would have helped their case.


A lot of Trump's various parasites are going to pretend they also, too, don't know what the underlying crime or even the charges Trump was arraigned for were about, even if they are educated people who can read and write English as their birth language and do not have any known brain damage. 

They have made it their business and their paycheck not to understand simple things. 

My head's up about this is: they are lying. They understand very well what is going on. They just have sided with Trump and don't care what the law is. 

I wouldn't trust them as far as Sam Alito's wife could spit. 

In other news, he bragged about "sleeping with" Stormy Daniels in 2006. And cheated at golf as always.

Trump is a terrible, terrible person, and uses hush money, lawyer contracts and NDAs to hide it because he knows very well what kind of shit he is. It's about damn time the American voter understood this, too. 

The underlying crime was Trump made the 2016 election his precious.  We are never leaving 2016 until we learn these lessons.


Ten Bears said...

What everyone thinks is that it's about hush money for sex and falsifying business records to cover it up but what it really is is all that AND crossing state lines to engage in a conspiracy to interfere with a federal election. They're half-assed right: they don't know, the media isn't telling us so, is going to great lengths to cover it up ...

Ali Redford said...

Agreed. tfg himself was telling everyone at the beginning, when he was projecting election interference onto prosecution, et al. Our news is really failing us. I'm thankful for others who also pay attention and can write, and do so.

Dan Kleiner said...

they tell the most blatant lies possible. and really, it's ALL about election interference. they're trying to obfuscate the fascist gop's true nature from the electorate.

"there were no wars when i was in office!" bellows the belligerent snooze criminal.

oh yah? what the fuck were you impeached for then, if not for interfering with weapon shipments to coerce zelenskyy to muddy up biden while ukraine was at war... for the purposes of election-interference!

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