Friday, April 19, 2024

TWGB: Cold Courtrooms and Old Farts


You are supposed to pity Trump at this point, the miserable wretch that he is, made to sit by his enemies in a freezing cold courtroom morning until night. But is the room literally cold, or just figuratively cold--a place where being faced with people who truly don't care for his demeanor, his policies or anything else about him say that pretty much to his face, where he is obliged to say nothing? I can certainly imagine a few reasons for a little shiver down his back. 

It's not that Trump doesn't have friends in low places, like Fox News, who won't help him try to tamper with the jury--he does. It's that Trump want to thuggishly take care of business himself and be seen like the mob boss he thinks he is, instead of being told to put his phone away like a naughty school child. It's realizing that racking up gag order violations may cost him his freedom--and if he doesn't like the temperature of a courtroom--? It's the pull of his overstimulated ID--needing to erupt in wrath, vs. his wounded narcissistic ego. 

But at least he has the political party he took over to keep him warm. And funded! For one thing, his campaign is definitely going to do more spending at his various properties. I guess he's always sort of done that--but this time it might just be ringing some bells regarding potential FEC violations

Does it look bad? Do I need to tell you if something looks bad in TrumpWorld, it probably is bad? 

And of course, there's the MAGA political candidates--his people! And if they want a piece of his coattails (which I insist are those of an unraveled bolero), they will need to kick back 5% of the takings

That's how the mob works, right? You kick back to the boss if you want to earn under his auspices. It's called loyalty. (It's extortion. He's extorting his fellow travelers. Once a racketeer, always a racketeer.)  We all know the value of a Trump endorsement, right? Well maybe his biggest fans don't--but Trump sure does.

So, here's one way Trump can keep himself warm in that courtroom-he can just light other folks' money on fire. It's exactly what he does.  

(Here's a sidebar not meant to be financial advice of ANY GODDAMN KIND--the last two days, $DJT has been seeing an upswing in value, because of course there is--it's predictable. The nearly $80 a share valuation wasn't the "pump" yet. The slide got the stock to a price point where novice investors aren't afraid to buy 100-1000 shares. They haven't made the additional shares available for release just yet--they only expressed an intention. This is going up, and the shorts are going to be more prohibitive--also, DWAC put out an 8-K and is warning investors on how to lock up their shares to prevent them being available for brokerages to "loan" for shorts. But here's the deal--having seen the stock go down before and then back up, and now being loath to transfer because it supposedly benefits "THEM"--Trump haters --the bag holders are now more resolved to hold Trump's bag. But the business financials have still not changed in any damn way and the value of the stock has no reason to go up.  And the dilution and eventual sale by Trump himself feels like just a matter of time.) 

Trump's good buddies, the Freedom Caucus, are demonstrating what creative arsonism can do--they are lighting their own FARTs. That stands for the Floor Action Response Team, and they are guarding against--the US giving aid to our allies in a time of conflict or losing the opportunity to burn another GOP House Speaker or maybe lose their committee seats because they are spiteful pro-Russia bitches. They aren't embarrassed by the name or the stink they are making. For Russia to win in Ukraine. For Russia to win in Europe. To damage NATO and our relationship with our allies. 

Basically, to harm US influence in the world by damaging our ability to be trusted, because they themselves are untrustworthy people. 

Used to be, if politicians were working for a hostile nation, they didn't advertise it the way these cretins do.  That was before Trump made being Putin's catamite a fashion choice for them. I still tend to call that "treason" and think that if any Reagan Republicans still exist, they might not want to just be catty about it--but name names. Do they think this kind of infection goes away by itself? Is there a reason not to put country over party? 

It's never been more important for people to look at what the hell is happening right in front of their faces. When Trump is playing the thug, it's not because there is no case against him--he bitched and moaned about not having infinity strikes to reject potential jurors because he doesn't want people to EVER SEE the case that actually exists against him. Childlike, he hoped he could cycle through jurors forever and "Nope, not a one, can't have a trial now!" 

We will have one. And Trump fans should pay careful attention to just who it is they think their candidate is. You literally never knew him. You never tried to. 

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