Sunday, June 23, 2024

His Wounds!


My goodness! The hand Trump has been dealt in life. First, foot spurs, then, low water pressure, and now, a body full of scars! He's a bigger pincushion than St. Sebastian! No one has suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune like this poor sod. Bleed a little money for him, will you? No American president ever suff....

Here I must interject.  Surely, James Garfield gets honorable mention, right? He was shot up so bad his doctors resorted to rectal feeding. And if Trump wants that kind of special treatment, I can stop by the produce discount (pineapple, artichoke, prickly pears....) 

He's not comparing himself to Garfield or Lincoln though--he's on his sufferin' Savior routine for the benefit of the God-Botherer Faith and Freedom convention. How actual people of faith stomach this sort of thing, I just can't fathom. It's both maudlin and a bit blasphemous. 

But he also gave us a funny moment--his refuttal

"And my stupid people, when I wanted to refute it, they said, sir, don't dignify it with a refuttal. Refutal or refuttal? What the h--- word would that be? Refuttal. Watch, they’ll say he didn’t know refuttal or refutal but they don't know either," Trump confusingly told the crowd.
Any Sarah Palin fan could tell you the word is "refudiate".  I think. Sometimes you have to understand that it isn't just that Trump is senile, he's also never been that smart. People just see a really rich white guy in a suit and get confused that he must know something they don't. He doesn't even know how tariffs work, and he's been told about a squajillion times. That's a lot! 

Now, you think I would write about that other speech he had yesterday, at the Liacouras Center in Philadelphia, because it's roughly my environs--but here's the deal: it was too small for me to get concerned over. Trump should stick to outdoor venues where he can more easily lie about his crowd size. 

Anyway, he said some nice things about carpetbagger Doug Connecticut or whatever his name is, and implied no one knows who Bob Casey is. Pennsylvanians know him--we knew his dad too! Trump says he never met him, but:

Maybe Trump doesn't remember--he has problems in that area, you know. But a picture is worth a thousand words--even though Trump doesn't seem to know that many.

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