Saturday, June 22, 2024

Meanwhile in Texas


So, a few weeks ago, the Texas Supreme Court denied a challenge to the oppressive anti-abortion law on the grounds that doctors who tell their patients they won't perform abortions because of the law are just being silly. Seriously. Which I take to mean that goddamn it, maybe the doctors who can perform this care should test the theory and see how bullshit it is. All they have to lose is their...livelihood and well-being. (See George Tiller, etc.) What does this mean for pregnant people in this state? Concern that they will not receive life-saving care if needed, or that they will face the prospect of their life saved, but reproductively-impaired or maimed by sepsi sor other effects of a pregnancy gone wrong. This is not a pro-life stance at all--merely pro-abusing women for capricious reasons.

How capricious? THIS capricious:

Which is why when faces of meth Nancy Mace wants to tell us women are not going to be penalized for travelling for abortion care--as if this is the disgusting thing the rightwingers are calling "abortion tourism": She can go suck a tailpipe or whatever the fuck it is she's been wrapping her mouth around lately to make it look like that. Ye gads. The whole fuck with her sudden ropy-looking decline. 

Of course women will be penalized for trying to exercise some kind of autonomy over their own bodies--that is the point of this kind of legislation everywhere that it happens, and yes, women are right to decide for themselves to vote against the kind of fuckfaces who want them to die or be permanently physically afflicted by a pregnancy gone wrong, or to carry the child of their rapist and have a connection to trauma their whole life-long. That other women who should know better would lie about this thing makes it even more horrifying. 

 What did other women do to you that you would do them like that? Or is this the kind of horrific thing one supports for ambition--to go along to get along? 

 As for me, I support pregnant people and their needs to unpregnant themselves for their life and health. Why the fuck would I not if I care about life?

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