Wednesday, May 15, 2024

TWGB: The Back-up Singers


Yesterday, when we saw J.D Vance and them come out to the courthouse to defame the judge and his daughter, I wrote a thing and deleted it and don't even recall what I said because I realized in the morning it was incomplete.  Look at these "pick me pygmies". Look on these little men. Look at these ants peeping round the legs of a great colossus who hath bestrided their world. 

Look on today's brood of vipers in matching suits looking for all the world like a pack of back-up singers for the main event, Donald Trump. Did they sing "Da woo, doodly do?" 

No, they helped Trump violate his gag order and tried to make us feel bad for poor old thin skinned and very chilly Trump, same as Tuberville and Vance and them the day before. Maybe Mr. Trump (not, "former president Trump" because fuck giving honorifics to rapists, racists, and traitors--which is this withered old full diaper of a man) can't violate a gag order himself, but what of his little friends?

He can't tell them to do that, and maybe he did:

Trump is not supposed to be violating the gag order by proxy. I don't think the court is supposed to be stupid about this--do you? And I don't think harassing the Judge's family members is in regular order--it's just bullying--obstruction of justice. See, I do say Tuberville isn't very smart, but maybe is dumb, but he isn't just as dumb as you might imagine but is very possibly dumber. He was on Trump's fat-finger speed-dial on 1/6 after all.  

Maybe they don't know Micael Cohen used to be this man's back-up singer. Maybe they don't understand where this road leads. 

Maybe they think they can loan their souls to Trump and haven't sold them. Maybe they think they can get their dignity back after whatever this is.

Trump doesn't pay back loans. He inflates his value of course and then?  Hopes banks are willing to negotiate for pennies on the dollar. This is what Michael Cohen was talking about--negotiating invoices of all kinds. These political wannabees are auditioning to play Celebrity Political Apprentice, but don't realize what portion of their credibility as a political figure or just a human being they are ceding to a racist, rapist, fraudulent, highly suspect and damaged fuck of a human. 

Michael Johnson played this game, and I sort of wish MTG would put another MTV up for debate just for the real fuckery of it, so Dems can agree that this man is utter trash serving no one but himself. 


But here's the thing--Michael Cohen testified to how bankrupt that is, how dangerous and thankless, how fraught. These back-up singer traitors get repaid, in full and more so. They aren't noticing how supposed friends get screwed, stuck with the bill, etc. They have tucked away all the negatives and want to focus on the positives about Trump--which are lies. They will be VP candidates, serve in a cabinet, make a difference!

No--they serve a dumbass who would inflict pain on them for defying him if it ever came to that. Have they drunk too deep of their privilege to know better? Michael Cohen is telling them he made his AG punish him. Th y just prefer to believe the fuckery won't apply to them, Their support is more pivotal. He will appreciate them..etc.

The real story here is, the GOP no longer believes in the rule of law, and when they talk about the GOP being the party of law and order--they lie. These congress people, like J.D. Vance, have decided that the court is just not good enough for Trump, even if we all are supposed to have equal treatment under the Constitution. Vance favors the moneyed class. He's weirdly not a good representative of working class values, regardless of what he states are his beginnings. 

The GOP have failed at the idea that the Congress should use impeachment to withhold power from an unscrupulous office holder (like Trump, 2017-2021) and failed to be the party of law and order, also failed to hold Trump to account. Rather than reigning him in, the supposed "check and balance" on the Executive branch has offered him carte blanche, far and away from the ideal of the Founding Fathers. 

These idiots will sing solo someday at their own personal trial for helping this man. Because he eventually traduces all "helpers" to violate the law. I don't understand how they have not absorbed that yet, at this very late date. 

I very much would like to see Trump see jail time for his gag order violations, that his "helpful" congress folks conspired with. It's overdue. They also should be warned--this crybaby doesn't need their "help. They should let him sing his solo--and then their baggy-pants Pagliacci should see the curtain close.

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