Thursday, May 23, 2024

TWGB: Art of the Deal


Trump claims he can free a journalist imprisoned by Russia, after he wins the election, but before he takes office, definitely. There's tons of reasons to be skeptical or, I would actually say--extremely appalled. Tom Nichols knows a bit about Russia, and he's pretty sure Trump is full of shit, but isn't the interesting part that he wants him there until after the election? 

I would add--isn't it pretty interesting he has this special relationship, and never used it during his presidency?

I mean--he did things that were great for Putin--but not for the US?  He thinks he has a relationship but what he isn't going to have is leverage because he is a soft weak pudding of a man who never cared about anything but himself. Because he made an imprisoned journalist, just now, about himself and his election. 

Sort of in the way he made a border bill about him, and deferred it until he was (he hopes) back in office, and could take credit. The way he shut down the government in 2018 because he panicked about his future and wanted border wall money when he no longer had control of the House. And what did he get?

Impeached. Because he was still making deals for himself and not doing whatever it was he promised he would do in office. 

Yeah--you can see the echoes of the US needing somebody to do something, Trump saying he's that guy, and then he just underperforms or sucks up to tyrants to soothe himself, Take his little trip to the North Korean border and that photo op--it did more for Kim worldwide, and Trump looked like he had no reason to do that thing at all but because he needed a lolly to suck on. 

Trump did this out loud where people could hear on purpose. Some people think Republicans did an "October Surprise" with respects to the Iran hostage crisis--quite reasonably, actually.

But they didn't broadcast that shit and queer the possibility of the current administration's diplomacy figuring out a way to do one better. Trump is inviting us to be proud of either his real or imagined deal and reward him with votes regardless of whether he just showed us what a self-involved pile of rancid fuck he actually is. 

But his post about it was entirely rancid fuckery. 

I have never been more invested in anyone's loss than I am in Trump losing this election. Thinking of Trump and his love letters to and from Kim, and the more dead than alive returned hostage Warmbier. 

Trump doesn't understand these are people and not game pieces. 

Psychopaths don't belong in office. 

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MWH said...

And all the Orange Menace will have to do is pull the U.S.A. out of NATO.

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