Wednesday, May 22, 2024

TWGB: Big and Little Lies for the Goon King


Crowd size--that's very important to TrumpWorld, because Trump is a size queen and tries to pretend his little fingers are a lie. Eric Trump had to use a lying Charlie Kirk post to play a game of "Make Abusive Daddy Love Me" by showing a Joe Biden crowd as if it were a turn out for his pops. It wasn't the first time the Trump crowds were inflated, they did it just recently regarding his Wildwood stand. But like, of course TrumpWorld does that--the first major kick-off lie of the Trump Administration was Sean Spicer lying about the inauguration crowd size. We get it--Trump wants everything BIGGER.

But you can see where a part of that is "manufactured consent", right? Like, pretending more people really think Trump is great than honestly do, and also, kind of implying people who don't like him are not "real Americans" at all. You can look at Michael Cohen rigging polls for 2016. They are still being rigged a lil' bit, you bet?  (Consider what fake IP addresses can do to online polls.) 

But that's just a little lie--now, that there are undocumented people registering to vote--that's a Big Lie. How can undocumented people register and have their votes even count as valid? Where's the logic, there? 

That Big Lie is trying to pretend maybe votes against Trump shouldn't count for some reason. It isn't that these people are undocumented or migrants or illegal--they just aren't for Trump--that's my vote, that he tried to throw out in PA in 2020, that he's really talking about.  And an awful lot of Republicans have signed on to that Big Lie. That makes them Big Liars. It isn't an innocent lie--it undermines democracy--the basis of our representative government here in the US. That's the lie--the fraud--that lead to 1/6. Republicans want to throw that down the memory hole--but if you forget the Big Lies while they are still going on, you can't fight them. And they can lead to violence and grief. 

Because people aren't always paying attention. They have lives, and sometimes they forget. 

But I the fuck don't forget. And here's the latest Big Lie--that the FBI was trying to assassinate Trump. Courtesy of absolute psychopath liar MTG--she tried to warn Trump he was about to get killded by the FB-EYES! Except no, optional deadly force is just boilerplate, Trump wasn't there, FBI worked with Secret Service, and even after the "raid" (actually--execution of a lawful search warrant) Trump still had possession of classified docs, which is the real story--even some in his bedroom. He doesn't have Melania in the bedroom, but he had classified docs there. What the whole fuck is up with that, and why would loudmouth wannabe somebodies distract from that important information?

Don't they (and Judge Cannon) respect that this is a proper national security crisis?

Isn't claiming FBI is "out to get Trump" incendiary? (Isn't that the point?)

Big lies, is all. Ms. Marjorie Taylor Chlorine-Greene is quite a bomb thrower is all I hear. But we need everybody to HEAR these lies for the lies they are--big and little. 

And by the way--the MAGAmoron choir is to distract YOU from paying attention to the absolute thuggery of GOON KING's empire, and how lawyers like Robert Costello were basically trying to keep guys like Cohen mindful of their "friends in high places" to keep them on the ranch, just like Trumps various legal payment arrangements for WH staff are also a form of "hush/slush" money, paid by RNC. 

Gangster stuff. Omerta. Because without lies, Trump doesn't really have power.  That's because he's a goon. It's only bullying and fuckery with him--nothing real. And people deserve to know that. 

So when Trump questions where Judge Merchan, a Columbian immigrant same as Aillen Cannon, or Don Jr. calls people who were summoned to jury duty and are doing their civic duty slurs, they are trying to do a Big Lie to distract from the fact that Donald Trump is a pussy grabbing bribing ass liar. Always was, always will be, and we deserve better. And his politics and policies and the people around him suck. 

No lie can change that. 


bluzdude said...

When they can't win on facts, they have to work the system. It's all they've got.

Dan Kleiner said...

well said.

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