Sunday, May 19, 2024

TWGB: All the King's Goons


It took me awhile, but I remembered when Matt Gaetz used Twitter to harass witness against Trump, Michael Cohen (he was cleared of wrongdoing for that, but you know, and I know, he crossed a line), and then again, there was this time he and his fellows stormed a SCIF during Trump's first impeachment--an actual stupid and futile gesture:

So am I really shocked to see Matt Gaetz thugging it up the 2020 election way by declaring he is "standing back and standing by" in an echo of the Proud Boys

Of course he is. Little Lauren Boebert, handy as always, lent her 1776 spirit to Thursday's proceedings. In an echo of unwise guy Tommy Tuberville, she copped to being there to be a disruption and say things Trump can't say under the gag order. 

The goons are here to undermine the justice system on Trump's behalf. They should know it isn't weird that there is no camera in the courthouse (hasn't been for years), but will make up a conspiracy theory about it

Imagine them there--actual US Congressfolks, on their phones and strolling in when they want and demonstrating to the jury that Trump has friends in high (or is that "low"?) places.  While he falls asleep in his best imitation of unbothered, (or sedated like a rampaging zoo animal) until it's time to read printouts from the internet to a small crown of reporters like a disgruntled boomer laying out the local PD crime sheet to their Neighborhood Watch club. 

I truly don't know how clearly that resonates with a jury that Trump and his friends are trying to be intimidating, but I know what it looks like to me--sheer goonery. They might as well be henchmen for a Batman villain. (Especially when they come out in matching gear.) 

These people have actual taxpayer-funded day jobs and have chosen to perform stunts at the side of their Goon King. 

Or course, imagine US Representatives and Senators still pretending there must have been something wrong with the voting in 2020. Something still wrong today--as Lil' Marco Rubio tried to pretend in front of Karen Welker. 

If the only way into the White House is to have Poppa Trump give him a piggyback ride as a cookie for craven, ambitious lying, Rubio is here for gooning services.  JD Vance, Rick Scott and who knows who are all down to goon for Trump--just give them a topic. A lie. The Big "2020 was stolen" lie? The "Poor Martyred and Beset by Democrat Furies Trump Who Hasn't Done Anything Wrong" lie? They are on it. 

I can only imagine these career political animals reduced to Trump's performing pets--and I want them to be conscious of every degrading, self-chosen moment of it. Because they had a choice. And they went with him. The racist, rapist, fraud with a broken brain. They should have it rubbed in their faces forever. 

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