Wednesday, December 6, 2023

TWGB: All Accessories


Rep. Mike Johnson doesn't want people who participated in the riot/insurrection on 1/6 to be retaliated against and to be charged by the DOJ. Not retaliated against, as in, their neighbors would raise a hand against them? Interesting and prudent. Not charged by the DOJ? Is that like obstructing justice? Because that very definitely sounds to me like obstructing justice. 

Does DOJ probably have all the tapes for the most part anyway? Likely. But why is Mike Johnson signifying he's trying to protect the January 6th people? He has to because he has to curry favor with the world's most undisciplined and ungovernable people? He basically is one

Sure. Stuff like that. MTG has given him the malocchio.  He's got pains in his liver already. The thing where he was against George Santos' expulsion but it happened anyway and the thing where he was against the ongoing shitshow of the Biden impeachment inquiry but then decided to be for it? This is what a man does when he's clinging to the side of a cliff by dry little crack-dwelling plants.

But the pretended lamb is a big ass goat at being a lying shill for TrumpWorld conspiracy theories, so I could not expect more or less. He's a long-time hate spreader. I am just amazed it took him getting to be Speaker of the House before I ever came across this special character before. But he's exactly representing all the dangers of tribal Christianity trying to operate in a diverse and multi-cultural country. 

Some of us have Bibles that read against bearing false witness. Maybe we all don't like conspiracy theories and outright lies. Maybe some of us would rather practice tolerance of people who aren't like us instead of preaching hate against them so we can live in peace instead of being scoundrels at odds with our neighbors. Maybe having a good character means not supporting a man of bad character just because you think he could somehow be made useful to a godly end. I don't know. I just feel like Mike Johnson is way too comfortable pardoning traitors. 

And I feel like he maybe is one. And he also doesn't understand why Russia is bad and Ukraine has the right to defend their sovereignty, because he likes big bad Vlad and his anti-LGBT posture. He wants to front that the US needs more border security (we don't have an open border) before supporting Ukraine. 

And so do the shitheaded GOP senators who don't realize they've been captured not just by Trump, but his masters. Think about it. They are signifying over the border: not open, actually. To bargain over whether the US sides with democracy and NATO. Long-term foreign policy goals. I don't know who is diddling them, but they must have long fingers. The same Senate shitheads never understood why Trump was a persistent disease on our democracy and should have been convicted in his two impeachments. 

Because he's compromised and isn't representing this country. I don't know what they need to understand this. But extorting Zelensky was about not just getting a second term but also fucking him over for Putin. And casting doubt on democracy itself in 2020 was also a goddamn gift to an authoritarian project. Jack Smith means to reach way back to 2012 to talk about how Trump has demeaned our democratic processes. 

I want Republicans to listen to the evidence of what they have fallen for.  They have been shutting their ears to the "Russia Russia Russia" thing, but I think not hearing it out is very dumb. 

The price of freedom isn't the blood of patriots--it's eternal vigilance. And I see dopes afraid to get "woke" to what is going on around them. 

Thing I'm putting a pin in: Dove World Church was associated with Terry Jones, who burned Koran and supported the stupid Benghazi-inflaming video,  Russia is apparently using Koran burnings in Sweden for propaganda. Russia was concerned about Libya.  I'm not sure what I am looking at yet, but the electoral influence network against the US goes back before 2016. I don't mean that in a conspiracy theorist way: I mean no duh, just like spying, why wouldn't it be a thing? I mean it's been a thing re: click and like performative political bullshit recruiting idiots that benefit psyops kind of thing. 

But that could just be my interpretation.


A dictator on Day One. 


Richard said...

I don't think we should listen to this Mike Johnson. He does not look like an honest person. He sounds like another of those Washington DC lobbyist type of politicians. I don't see what he has to offer.

Richard said...

I mean, it would be great if all I had to do was sit around and talk about politics and the death of weird psycho bible-banging republican politicians. It would be OK if my main concern was the Mike Johnson career trajectory. This is not the case. We have problems, and Mike Johnson is not the guy.

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