Monday, November 22, 2021

Well, Of Course They Were

Why yes, it does appear that organizers of the Jan. 6th rally were! Fun detail at the end of them also spending a lot of money and being off their behinds wasted. But the important part:
Two days later, Kremer texted some of the organizers to let them know she was temporarily getting off the bus to travel to Washington for a White House meeting.  
“For those of you that weren’t aware, I have jumped off the tour for the night and am headed to DC. I have a mtg at the WH tomorrow afternoon and then will be back tomorrow night,” wrote Kremer. “Rest well. I’ll make sure the President knows about the tour tomorrow!”  
The message describing Kremer’s White House meeting is one of several where she and Kylie, indicated they were in communication with Trump’s team. Both Amy and Kylie Kremer did not respond to requests for comment on the record. Chris Barron, a spokesperson for the Kremers, called Rolling Stone to insist elements of this reporting are untrue. 
“You are printing things that are 100 percent factually untrue that we can prove are not true,” Barron said. “You are printing things that are absolutely, factually untrue and, beyond being factually untrue, for anybody who knows Amy are like hilariously preposterous.”  
Barron repeatedly declined to answer specific questions about which aspects of the story he wanted to dispute.

 Last line in italics per me: sounds like he doesn't want to specify until he figures out which part is the most damaging and can't be independently corroborated. Also it's all true.

UPDATE: Amy Kremer reminds me of the IRS kerfuffle of around 2013ish. Anyhow, she started her scrappy grass-roots climb from obscurity as a part of the Tea Party Patriots, and defected to the Tea party Express, and I'm not going to pile through which of all these similarly-named groups are 501(c)3's or 501(c)4's, but anyway, these nonprofits are not supposed to be campaigning for individual political campaigns but, um. They totally do. You know, just like Super PACs really don't coordinate with campaigns (wink). 

Which was the original sin of the IRS back in 2013--it was a couple folks in I believe the Ohio office who thought all these applications might just be a bit dodgy and partisan. Oh--the outrage that anyone would delay processing these applications! It was going to interfere with time and resources that could be devoted to...midterm campaigning! 

Anyhow she's also a birther and has done very nicely for herself. (Which is why her organization should pay its damn FEC fines. Are the Uihleins not good for it? They are good for everything else!)  Which is I promise you the whole point for a lot of these goddamn people. 

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