Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Thursday, July 20, 2017

TrumpWorld Grab-Bags Should Be Less Obvious

The ongoing effort to prove collusion between the Trump Campaign and Russia sometimes gets a wee boost, but I would have to say that the best source of your very finest collusion hints comes from the actual behavior of POTUS Trump Himself. Even people sort of in his circle are recognizing a problem when they see it. 

And as per his usual, Trump makes no bones about his doing Putin's bidding, apparently. 

But let's just pretend there was still a little doubt--Russia hands who have witnessed their strategy see similar techniques at work with grooming Trump and associates.  Also, it looks like one of Trump's campaign in-crowd; Paul Manafort, was very indebted to Russian interests and then, for reasons we can only guess at, decided to work for the Trump campaign pro-bono for a bit. 

(But the rot seems to be deeper than Trump's immediate circle--take Rep. Dana Rohrabacker, as an example. A bad example. The "joke" between Reps. Kevin McCarthy and Paul Ryan about who is on Putin's payroll sounds a lot less amusing, huh?) 

It smells a little--odd. Just like Trump's over-eagerness to get Putin's attention at the G20 dinner in the above clip. Not definitely wrong. Just...a little obvious.

UPDATE: And somehow, there is still more to take a look at--Trump's loans.  Trump has recently said that Robert Mueller to keep out of looking into the Trump family finances. Which also seems a little, I dunno. Obvious.

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