Sunday, September 26, 2021

TWGB: Giving Away Part of the Game


If you listen carefully to Sidney Powell, who I will concede I think is at least in part a bit batshit, there was a plan. There was a Supreme Court Justice who was going to hear the goofy claims out. (I think this is what she's referencing. It sounds like a probable longshot.) This is how close we came, and only because Speaker Pelosi reconvened as soon as she did we were spared what some might think of as a "long national nightmare". Because Trump lost these contested states, but supposedly serious people were all in on handing an election to this guy. Yep, this guy. Sigh, this guy

Doesn't it seem a bit bold to go dropping all these names about how the coup was really about delaying things so the real heavies with government titles and all could come in and steal this thing for Trump? Well, yes and no. For one thing, if you want to keep the grift going, you have to let the marks know you mean business.

And for another thing, if it succeeded, none would dare call it treason, right? It would be perfectly legal. The judges would have said so--or so Powell would have us believe.

It is a good time, I think, for a movie recommendation. There is an absolutely great film with a stellar cast--it's Stanley Kramer's Judgment at Nuremberg. It is at once a compelling drama and a history lesson, but at the kernel of it it is a moral tale about how corruption, settling in through fear, highly partisan belief, cynicism, and fear, leads to atrocities. And how people will tell themselves it is all for patriotism, while they are at it. 

(As a side note--you might say I am over the top in recommending this movie, but key to understanding what has been happening with Republican extremism for years rests on appreciating the demonization of "the other"--immigrants: ethnic and religious minorities; LGBTQ people, and claims that liberals are "destroying a way of life" or "replacing real America". The QAnon conspiracy theories which Sidney Powell and Mike Flynn embrace are a kind of blood libel and yes, the fantasies about how "retribution" is gained against liberals are atrocious. Shades of "The Turner Diaries." This is who the supposedly sober-sided Republican AG's and others were allying with.)

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