Monday, September 27, 2021

I Wish This Woman Well, But


I have defended Meghan McCain at certain junctures because taking potshots at her figure (voluptuous, or zaftig, so, you know, I am in her corner about that) or her youth back when she was younger is just missing the point. The thing that sucks about Meghan McCain is giving credence to someone for having opinions as if those opinions matter more because they are importance-adjacent, not because they are informed. This grown woman child is now speaking as a Republican with no elected office with two exact bona fides: Senator John McCain (deceased)'s daughter and Ben Domenech (alive, propagandist)'s wife. Her expertise in politics is being a person the media pays attention to. She hasn't the least fucks whether what she says is right, and it is not.

She doesn't know what's in the bill, what the price-tag is, or what the polling really says. But for some reason, Chuck Todd thought having a McCain on was somehow better than having someone on who understood what they were talking about. Even having a Republican member of congress on who was informed enough to state why they were against it, than having this privileged nonsense-spreader go on ahead and spread nonsense about a $5 trillion plan that was not popular, vs a plan that creates jobs for workers and gives back to families and most certainly isn't a $5 trillion plan.  People want lower drug prices and clean energy--are you sick? People know teeth and eyes and ears are a part of the human body and deserve Medicare coverage. 

Does Meghan McCain know she's wrong or care? Can't be fucked to answer this one. Because she's just a legacy personage with no personal portfolio other than "got fired from The View* ultimately for being insufferable", so you'd really have to work with me to explain why her opinion matters more than, say, mine, a D-list blogger who doesn't have a senator for a dad, but bothers to know what the fuck I'm talking about. 

We deserve a media that gives at least a little bit of a shit about hosting people for expertise, not klout. Maybe her world has unicorns in it, and I'm not anti-unicorn but but frankly, show me someone with an opinion that has some connection to reality, not a person that has some kind of name for maybe being around and on call for shit like this talking head stuff. 

I'm not asking Meghan McCain to do better: Chuck Todd--it's you. Do the fuck better. You know Chuck Todd knows numbers and I've seen him jazzed about polls, so I know Chuck Todd knows what she said was bullshit and said nothing. And he needs to recognize that MTP should mean people meet the goddamn press, and are ready to get pressed by actual journalism. When Fox News' Chris Wallace gets kudos from libs and you get nothing but criticism, maybe that's a sign something should change.

(*And Meghan, I don't think you will ever see this, but you can have an identity that isn't related to anyone else but is just about you doing you, besides politics or anything else. It isn't about who you are a daughter of, a wife of or a mother of, just a voice you come to grips with inside that lets you know what matters to you and what you really need to talk about, not what people invite you to say. You don't have to take it from me, but it's definitely a thing. And yes, you left The View under your own steam, but ultimately, you knew exactly why they didn't want you around any more. )

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