Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

This is a Great Day For a Trumpworld Grab-Bag

The president of the United States actually put this stupid thing as his Twitter page header because--oh! Maybe he's actually stupid. I have given the fuck up at this point, because pretending this water-head has guile for miles is a pretense totally beyond my d-list blogging skillset. Any how, the thumbs-up whiteys sort of missed how there's probably an investigation right this very minute into Trump's financial ties to Russia because that was the thing Clapper politically declined to admit because--so classified. And being investigated RN.

See, Trump's Twitter messages look like this:

This is what a caught person Tweets. Because what actually happened is Clapper said Trump's business connections can't be discussed because they are part of an active investigation, and he wouldn't have been in the loop for investigation into any possible election collusion, anyway--he doesn't know means he doesn't know, not that anything didn't happen. Also Sally Yates confirmed that there are already laws on the books that sort of would condemn what the Trump campaign probably has done.

That's pretty interesting to me, anyhow. Also, a really fun thing happened to Ted Cruz when he tried to play Sally Yates over the Muslim ban--he got schooled, because he does this thing where he assumes other people can't be smart. Also, he did not apparently notice the thing where the courts have supported her determination.

In other news, the Trump rationale for having Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn in an important national security role looks beat, because Obama and them tried to warn Team Trump off of him. Apparently, there was some kind of "listening problem". As in, Trump doesn't listen. Also--I am just remarking that I don't understand why Team Trump wants to pretend Obama almost recommended Flynn's ass when Flynn was fired. By Obama. Firing is not a recommendation. It is just not.

In other Russia news, crazy-eyes Carter Page is still crazy.  I don't know what is up with him. He says stuff.

Anyway, despite some spin, I feel like there is still a great investigation going on! I am supporting of it! Trump is not competent and this thing sort of shows it! Except Republicans can't admit it, and want to talk about the surveillance thing, which isn't a thing. (Boo, srsly.) 

I just don't know how to comment on this more intelligently than, "Whoot, there it is. " I mean. Really?

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Vixen Strangely said...

And just as a back-up--this from ProPublica:

I never thought the emails that ended up on Weiner's device were significant anyway, but they were definitely fronted to look more ominous than they should have been.