Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Friday, June 23, 2017

This TrumpWorld Grab-Bag May Have Been Taped

As was hinted, we actually are going to be (probably?) disappointed if we are looking for the "tapes" that Trump suggested might exist of conversations between himself and former FBI Director James Comey, because Trump Himself has Tweeted that what with all the things going on, he's fucked if he knows whether there's tapes.

I truly believe he is fucked if he knows and he's fucked if he doesn't, based on all available information, but that might just be me. (It isn't.)  The reason I say this is, if he did Tweet (OMFG--when was a presidency hinging on shit-Tweets?)that there were possibly tapes to try and warn Comey that whatever he said could be gainsaid by evidence, then that's sort of like a threat, isn't it? And apparently, Comey already anticipated his credibility was at issue, hence the memos. And if the threat to Comey was to keep him, we should believe his testimony? That seems like the logical thing, right?

Do normal people actually telegraph that they are going to witness-tamper in the most personally damaging way, or is this just a Trump thing?

Anyhow, there is also the possibility that he's hedging on whether there are tapes or not because they exist somewhere maybe and don't back him up, which is a possibility that I find almost as frighteningly amusing as the still-probable pee tape.

But of course, that's not all I'm interested in talking about. One of the phenomenons that currently interest me is The Lawyering.   Pretty much everybody in the White House is going to have to, even if one of Trump's lawyers says they don't have to.  Look, even one of Trump's other lawyers, is lawyering up.  And yet another of Trump's lawyers about this Russia mess is...well, a right-wing hind-titterati shyster. He's usually a religious right whaambulance chaser.  It's kind of weird to see him representing a president, but here we are. But when Trump is down to relying on Jay freaking Sekulow, because other lawyers think he lies and doesn't pay bills, yeah, it's probably grab the wad from the mattress and consult professional counsel time.

But why the lawyering? Because the thing that Trump keeps insisting is a hoax keeps being real. Former DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson reiterated that in recent testimony to the House Russian hacking investigation. What is critical to know is that there do seem to be crucial failures in our system regarding whether we met transparency with the 2016 election. For one thing, even if there had been suspected fuckery as early as 2015, the FBI notified DNC late and off-handedly, by which point the DNC already knew there was an issue and wanted to do damage control because they were in the middle of an election thanks! There was some Trump-Tweeted mumblefuckery that hinted that the DNC did not present their servers to FBI--absolutely true.  But I believe there were reasons for that. They might not have believed that all FBI agents were going to handle that data responsibly because they were already in the process of being fucked with their own data.  And they really did not want more outlets for fuckery.

Understandable. Frankly--this is a kind of victim-blaming. Is it the DNC's fault that they had no script for an unprecedented breach?

Speaking of breaches--it looks like the Russian hacking efforts, just like Reality Winner leaked about, did impact voting offices.  Maybe votes were thrown out because the legitimate voters got thrown off of the rolls. This is why I've long despised voter ID laws--the idea that legitimate voters and citizens would be denied their franchise on fully bullshit reasons. But if some other country gets to say whose votes are legitimate?

That is deplorable. And if a POTUS was somehow decided based on so much hackery-fuckery?

That's not democracy, and reasonable people who were no supporters of Trump would be justified in wanting his ass out, somehow. Yes, I am one of those people and very biased. But with my own eyes I see where this election was screwed with. And I feel like it was stolen. But now that he's been sworn in, I feel like impeachment is the method, and his emoluments conflicts are more obvious than the Russian "collusion". But for the love of all that's holy, to get there--we gotta flip the House.

(Part of an ongoing series.)


Grung_e_Gene said...

Victim-blaming nd punching down are what Republicans do. It is their prime passion and go to sport. The more Viperanne Conway or Laura Nazigraham or any of the right-wing talking heads proclaim there's no there, there with the Trump Russia collusion the more assured I am that there is and that the FBI, CIA, and NSA have rock-solid evidence.

Vixen Strangely said...

One of the things that has bothered me is that there isn't really a "covert" setting to the coordination--it was apparent in real time and still is when one notes that Trump explicitly seems to espouse goals and perform policy actions that seem an awful lot like what Putin would want--tell classified intel to Russian diplomats--why not? Forgo talking about US commitment to defense of NATO allies if struck--why not? Try to lessen sanctions and return Russian access to the two compounds identified as RU intelligence bases--why not? And deny that the hack and the leaks were helpful to him, and fail in any way to address with real action what our IC community says is a real thing--if it wasn't true, Trump and Co are doing a lousy job of making it seem untrue. It's like Trump denying it is an attempt at a Jedi mindtrick, carried out by a bantha with a sign saying "no these really are the Russian controlled droids you seek" painted on it in really big print. It's not very persuasive.