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Sunday, June 25, 2017

This Steve Bannon Picture has been bothering me...

I don't really believe in body-snarking against people, especially on the subject of fatness, because I am not a small person and have had my own struggles with weight, but the picture of Steve Bannon, above, has been the subject of some Twitter snark, and I get it--the guy is not healthy-looking, or a particularly great representative of a fit human animal. This is what makes punchlines like "Sean got fatter" sort of weird, and some have latched onto it as a kind of answer to white supremacy in general, like saying "This is genetic superiority? This?"

I think it seems bad especially because there's this weird bulge on the left. I note it mostly because it is roughly the same size and shape and placement where you'd expect a liver to be:

And that sort of matches the jokes people tell about Bannon as looking like a great huge drunk.  But that's massively unfair. Lots of people have bad skin and lots of people have drinking issues--I drink, myself, rather more than I would always like at times. And this does not make someone "bad people"--you can be fat and have bad skin and even drink a shitload, and that doesn't make you a bad person. I am a little fat and drink a bit and am not a Nazi. But it is very probable that Bannon is, in fact, an actual bad person based on his personal history and editorial output.

In short, you just don't know from a picture what a person is about, even a grossly unflattering one.  You should judge them based on what they do.

And for all we know, he might just have an alien in his guts.

And how would you answer that, SJW cuckflakes? You can't. Long story short, Steve Bannon is a Nazi who looks terrible, but it could just be he has an alien in his liver. I don't know why I'm shitposting my own blog like this. I blame the culture.

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