Thursday, January 20, 2022

TWGB: Adverse Inferences


Among all the news that was fit to give us fits this past 24 hours, you know what satisfied me? The knowledge that the "Elite Strike Farce" were now getting subpoenaed by the 1/6 Commitee. Because these were the hardcore liars and promoters of the Big Lie, and they still do. Even though they are (some of them) being sued by, for example, the voting machine companies that they defamed in their insistence that somehow, Trump could have won, but for alleged and basically unsubstantiated fuckery. This is relevant to the case of one Sidney Powell especially; in that she addressed her complaint from Dominion by saying no one was supposed to take her claims literally--a thing she veers on depending upon the day and the lawsuit. Boris Epshteyn is also sticking with his lie. Giuliani will probably end up pleading the fifth over some of it, because you know he's under other investigations. And also is a liar and knows it

And I genuinely don't care what happens with Jenna Ellis, because some people only exist to catch COVID from other grifters' farts and live to tell the tale. That is a legacy I can happily assign her to. Her smug theocrat face, forever sniffing plaguefart.  And living to be told about her plaguefart face and how she did lawyering for a raw minute to try to install a fascist dictator and failed. So all that remains of her legacy is plaguefart. And her face, sniffing it. 

But who was this all for? Donald Trump--one term wonder, Covid-19 patient and perennial lawsuit profiteer.  Who is a lifelong fraud and racketeer, and so are the kids he brought up in his family business, as anyone in the NY environs could have told you since the 1980s. 

So what should we make of Ivanka and Don Trump Jr. being implicated in Trump Org fuckery? I dunno--were you not anticipating this since 2015?  Do you think they will do better than Eric Trump pleading the 5th over 500 times, just like Allen Weisselberg did? 

Anyway, the Trump family was neck-deep in legal trouble and potential debt before Donald Trump decided politics was his advocation and still are today, and Trump is weighing his unannounced slush fund campaign contributions against his announced campaign contributions accountability right now, while also considering running again as a hedge against prosecutions, because he can make the sick claim that he is being prosecuted and persecuted for political reasons. 

Do I take an adverse inference from all of that? Why yes!  I think it looks bad because it is bad and I always did. So should any reasonable human looking at Trump's various fuckeries, from tax and bank fraud, to his actual sedition.

It looks bad because it is bad. It's simply always true. And the fact that the election fuckery was fraudulent is what gives his strike farce no privilege--they were helping him do a crime--stealing an entire election. They wanted to elevate him to dictator but could help us jail; this SOB. 

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Ten Bears said...

I still want to see them stripped of all they own, all of them: from car keys to credit cards: cell phones, citizenship, clothes; and marched naked down Fifth Avenue to repurposed oil-tankers ... to spend the rest of their lives hog-chained on their knees in orange jump-suits with a black bag over their heads ... at Gitmo.

Not just the Trumps. All of them ...

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