Wednesday, December 1, 2021

TWGB: You Know He Did--The Infection Edition


Mark Meadows is an absolute Trump loyalist, and if he says in his book that Trump had a positive Covid-19 test and then tested negative and decided to go ahead without quarantining to do a presidential debate and some fundraisers because why actually do the considerate and cautious thing? You know what? I believe that super-loyal Mark Meadows is telling the truth, and is dopey enough to think this makes Trump look like a real hard-working maverick who doesn't care a fig for his own health when there's a job to do.

Sure, a normal person might surmise that this is crazypants, and obviously it's irresponsible and Trump probably infected all kinds of people and endangered who knows how many others. It's the same kind of ignorant irresponsibility that led to 400,000 US deaths during his presidency, and a presidential campaign notable for actually killing some of its supporters, like Herman Cain. After all, the White House stayed a practical Covid-19 "hot spot" for a good while afterwards, even resulting in one WH official receiving amputations and a three month hospital stay, and an absurd number of Secret Service personnel also became sick during this time. 

But no one associated with the Trump White House is goddamn normal. After all, this is a world where VP Mike Pence had a whole flipping lynch mob set on him, and is to this day like, "Well, President Trump and I will never see eye to eye on this..." when, like HELLO! he was gonna be fine if you died! This is a world where Chris Christie wrote a book allegedly trying to separate himself from the Trump Era conspiracy theories and to some extent, Trump, and acknowledged that when he was in the hospital with Covid-19. Trump's major concern was whether Christie would blame getting sick on him. BUt you know, it's not like he's mad. 

So sure, the White House didn't have it in them to stop Trump doing what he wanted to do and it was fine and dandy with them if Trump and his family strolled in late to the debate without masks on the "honor system" and who knows? Maybe threatened to infect the Democratic candidate. So sure, Trump might have exposed Gold Star families to the virus quite knowingly as well, and even blamed his exposure on them

What kind of person even does this? (Republicans do this. This is what Republicans do, now. They do insurrections and spread COVID-19 everywhere. This is Trump's legacy.) 

Trump denies it of course, and called it "Fake News"--which is really just Trump's way of saying he doesn't like how it sounds and it doesn't match his lie. And this being Trump World, how does Mark Meadows respond? 

So there you have it, there is no good reason to read Mark Meadows' book because it is chock full of fake news.  Sure, some of it might be true, of course, but screw him. And Trump too, but with protection because who knows what you might catch off him. right?

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