Wednesday, March 22, 2023

TWGB: We Ain't Seen Nothing Yet


So, it wasn't actually Tuesday that the indictment of former president Donald Trump happened, and I'm not really surprised, because why in the world would we take for granted something he says, anyway? While his planned protests (a disturbing idea in and of themselves) weren't especially robust, he got the turnout I should have known he would have been looking for--a lucrative one. Because it's all about that grift, isn't it? He plucked the pigeons for over $1.5 million. 

The emails are kind of disgusting if you aren't a MAGAt. Save our country (from, what, due process of a reasonably-suspected felon?) and it could happen to you! (sure, I don't know how many porn stars you've ever had to pay off to protect your presidential campaign, but sure--it could happen to you!) They operate on the same absurd logic he used during both of his impeachments--they aren't doing this to me--they are doing this to you. 

But of course that is stupid. He pays fines himself. He goes to prison alone. You, the hypothetical Trump supporter, do what political supporters of other candidates have done since forever. You loved Nixon, but now you are okay with Ford. You wanted George Bush but you got Ronald Reagan. You wanted John McCain, but you got George W.  You wanted Newt Gingrich but you got Mitt Romney--look, there has to be a morning after Donald Trump. He's not the only Republican on the face of the planet who can credibly run for president if you can call running for president after one disastrous term with two impeachments, a net loss of jobs, an insurrection and a post-presidential term classified documents scandal plus the threat of multiple indictments on the docket a credible run! 

Actually supporting him after all this is really sketchy. Being a Republican congressperson willing to obstruct justice for him, when you already have a whole-ass elected office and he doesn't, is bizarre, but that's what's apparently up in TrumpWorld. McCarthy and Jordan and Gaetz and whoever else in the actual Congress right this minute have no necessary and valid reason to insert themselves into what the Manhattan DA does--but what does their public sentiment (their utterly unnecessary public sentiment) say about how they feel about due process and the rule of law?

In other words--why do they feel like the worst thing that will happen to Trump is that he actually does get a day in court? Why are they so skeptical that he won't be exonerated by the facts? And why does that so much remind me of how Republicans have behaved previously with respects to his two impeachments, where they knew full well the truth did not set his ass free? 

Let's look at the allegations in case of Stormy Daniels--we have to first believe that Michael Cohen, of his own accord and without direction by Trump, refinanced his home in order to pay off a person who only maybe had illicit sexual congress with Trump, a thing he went to prison for. And that Trump, quite verifiably paid Cohen back to the tune of six figures, getting screwed without having been fucked, coincidentally with his 2016 presidential run but not because of it. 

Friends, the dumbest thing here is that the payoff happened at all, because the whole TMZ pussy-grabbing video and the testimonials of dozens of women that Trump is a whole pussy-grabber never mattered at all. Literally dozens of hours of Trump testifying to his horndoggedness exist on the Howard Stern Show. The man is a Demi-Priapus. It was politically unnecessary, and only makes sense if Melania has a pre-nup forbidding public adultery on behalf of her known-problematic spouse that had vicious financial teeth in it. Trump's fans live vicariously through their billionaire Daddy. They love that he schtupped a porn star, are you mad? Even the evangelists want to pretend he repented his sextacular ways like cryin' Jim Bakker (I believe Jessica Hahn) \ so they can exult his Prodigal Son transit to the "right side" of the ledger. 

But anyway, that one of Trump's current attorneys was one of Daniels' potential attorneys back in the day is not without significance, and that the Trump team thought that bringing up Robert Costello, who might have dangled a pardon to get Cohen to change his actually true story was a good idea is astonishing. 

Look, I gave up on this story being the capo to Trump's one-man crime wave back in 2018 when I first heard of it, so I never staked my feelings about whether Trump was good or bad around it--I feel like a hipster saying this, but I disliked Trump since he divorced Ivana and decided he was likely criminally connected during his "Tim O'Brien what is he really worth" trial, when his assorted trash values looked for all the world to me like he was operating as a global laundromat. I've been hating Trump since before it was politically cool. If Stormy Daniels does him in, the irony will give me warm fuzzies forever.

But my long term and obsessive recording of TrumpWorld Grab-bags tells you this is not the only egg in the basket. Trump is uniquely shady. He's been associated with any number of crimes he's never been charged for.  A whole lot of them campaign finance abuses.  Because he discovered that campaign finance is an even better slush fund than charity (he can't have charities anymore since the Trump Foundation got busted). So when we are looking at his own attorney in the federal documents case needing to testify that Trump lied to him and voiding the crime fraud exception to client-attorney privilege re: the docs Trump had a Mar-A-Lago, we are off to some interesting discussions. 

Why did Trump lie to his attorneys and make his attorneys lie? Because Alina Habba said she checked for those docs that didn't exist before they appeared, and Corcoran made up a whole statement that Christine Bobb signed. Were Dewey, Cheatem and Howe not available? 

And what of Fulton County and Jennifer Little? MAGA standing for "Making Attorneys Get Attorneys" is turning out to be a whole thing. 

So look, all in all, I'm not mad we passed Trump's random date and haven't gotten satisfaction, because I haven't got no satisfaction tho' I try and I try all this time. I just keep seeing Trump's lies piled deeper and deeper and his little helpers in the GOP getting more and more enmired and I think to myself, what a wonderful world. 

I'm feeling lucky and like Trump is a punk. I'm not a Suzy Silverlinings and I never blow smoke--to me, his problems are just starting to get real. 

We haven't seen anything yet.  But I think we will. 

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