Thursday, March 23, 2023

TWGB: The Luxury Resorts of Scoundrels


The above screencap is from @Patriottakes on Twitter and I don't embed it because I don't know if it would last, but the image that the former president posted on his failing Truth Social should last--Trump himself brandishing a baseball bat next to a picture of Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg, as if implying that violence was the remedy to Trump's current legal problem. 

The solution is not the refuge of the law, or the comfort of his own knowledge of his innocence. Nope. He attacks the official who brought the case as a human being with blood and breath, because he can't refute the facts. He can't enjoy his day in court, because it won't exonerate him. Just as the Mueller report did not exonerate him. Just as he wasn't washed by the federal government passing on these "hush money/campaign finance violation" charges previously, because it was his own AG Bill Barr that passed on them. 

He is literally threatening a public official with violence in that picture. He won't do it himself, but he's implying his little fanclub could, and I believe he means it, because this is who this poltroon is. And he should be rightfully charged for it. Violence should not be the last, luxurious resort of the scoundrel beyond claiming religion and patriotism as the merits for their misdeeds. 

I think Bragg should add indictments for each damning, violent post. Let this racist, ignorant motherfucker we let be a one-term president recognize he will go down in infamy if that little fanclub he's inciting does anything on his behalf, and let him know he's the one making this country a third-world spectacle by not recognizing the Constitution he swore an oath to. He is not above the law, whatever his friends on the GOP side of the congressional aisle have to say about things. By supporting him, they are only demonstrating their party over patriotism biases. And I can't damn them with more than that. 

Trump's story includes threats of Civil War--over just him, a cretin, ever getting treated like a regular guy subject to the same laws as anyone else. 

I've seen the pictures of Trump praying and the online pretense that he is being martyred for--what exactly? Being too good at racism or something?  Trump posted this sort of thing (an AI generated picture of Trump praying, because the real thing never happened):

And Roger Stone (etc.)  also pretends Trump is being prayerful while endorsing violence. Of course, the religious right loves their martyrs, it's just that Trump, despite all the false prophets who want to pretend he is God's chosen, is actually a total shitbag. And the reason why is John 18:10-11.

Because if Trump is being martyred, asking his people for vengeance instead of vengeance being the Lord's is whack, right? I mean, wait, saying he is everyone's vengeance because of stuff he kind of deserves but expects other people to fight and go to jail for (you know, like the unpardoned true believers of 1/6) sort of sounds like he's just crowd-sourcing mercs on his behalf, but what Jesus said on the threshold of his martyrdom was:

10 Then Simon Peter, who had a sword, drew it and struck the high priest’s servant, cutting off his right ear. (The servant’s name was Malchus.)

11 Jesus commanded Peter, “Put your sword away! Shall I not drink the cup the Father has given me?”

Shouldn't Trump face the music and dance? Shouldn't he call off the violent defenders and let them know he's got this if he thinks he's in the right? (Can he not see his day in court and be found innocent? His court isn't Rome in the boonies, but Manhattan--civilization, supposedly a stomping ground he should be recognized in.) 

Because that's not what he's doing at all. He wants to get away with any tactic he's ever employed, even if unlawful, and stick someone else with the tab for his escape, once again, from legal scrutiny. He could not ever be compared to Christ, who suffered for not even his own sin, but that of the world. If you believe that sort of thing. Trump doesn't even want you to believe he ever did anything wrong, and that's a whole laugh and no one but his most rabids would countenance that. 

I'm a militant agnostic only culturally Christian, and Trump's gambit appalls and sickens me. Comparing himself to Christ while suggesting a Jewish-influenced Black man is persecuting him for political reasons rather than prosecuting him for legal ones is disgusting, and the violence he wants to incite is only more proof of his culpability, in my estimation. 

He calls on not his patriotism (and being opposed to the Constitution, how could he?) but his religion (that we never noticed he ever had) and expects action of his cultish adherents.

He never fails to sink lower in my estimation of him. The floor does not exist. 

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