Friday, March 24, 2023

Kari Lake is Somehow Still Not Governor of Arizona


I can't do another TWGB because two back to back is one thing, but three is a whole emergency situation that the blog has never actually drilled for, and in the meantime, Ms. Vaseline Lens experienced an incredible victory that she is explaining to entire hamfaced John Solomon and I wondered, "What, now?"

She's talking about a review of Maricopa County. Most of what she wanted was rejected, but ok. They are checking one area. She very likely still lost, but I see what she's trying. They are going to pretend that they have no earthly idea where the ballots in Maricopa country came from because they can't account for how each and every one got delivered. Therefore, they must have been sketchy. 

Is the standard of "they must have been sketchy" a standard that should overturn an election, though? You have no proof of sketchiness, after all. Who created the sketchy votes? How was any pattern of vote sketchiness organized? IOW, if you can't describe the method and means of the sketchy votes, you have to admit there were voters and they did vote, and if you can't verify all the votes, neither can you falsify them. If the voters are real, then the votes recorded have a certain validity. 

In other words, what the fuck, Kari, just admit you lost and move the fuck on!

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