Sunday, March 26, 2023

The Whacko at Waco


Oh. Ok. See, I thought he was going to be extra apocalyptic because Waco was the site where the ATF and an apocalyptic cult clashed with fatal consequences giving fuel to a right-wing anti-government militia movement exactly 30 years ago, but he was basically out there complaining about how unfair his legal troubles were and being extra pleased that he wasn't found to be demented when Ronny Jackson (R. Jack Daniels Bottle) (I guess?) and all gave him the "which one is a camel?" test a few years back.

It's possible that people around him understood the symbology, but you can't expect him to.

He did try to tell us no one ever laughed at the United States when he was president (they did though--they laughed at HIM!) and of course menaced about how we wouldn't have a country anymore if he was indicted. 

Just like we wouldn't have a country if he lost the 2020 election--which he did, BIGLY! Yet here we are! Still a country. Is it possible I'm just bored? Like, I've seen every angle of his sagging burnt sienna tinted visage and just can't even find a way to hate him any more? 

I mean, I still hate him. Just not, like, more

He didn't accelerate or anything--he was always too much and this speech was just more of the same. He's a boring old man who isn't interesting except for the upcoming trials he should be facing. I want to pretend I'm disassociating, and his movement IS SO! still a thing, but I felt nothing. The people still on Team Trump are dipshits and dupes. MTG and Gaetz are barnacles on a sinking yacht. He's playing his greatest hits to old people who remember six or seven years ago, before Trump actually was in office and was awful.  They've successfully blocked out how awful he was and is. 

The power of the movement is in things like the sneaky little white powder envelope with a death threat left for Alvin Bragg, and scores of telephonic death threats and associated stupid angry shenanigans. What sad lives these people have that this is how they express themselves. What truncated worldviews. They hero-worship a sex pest with dodgy finances. They are mad when anyone points this out. It stays true.

I hope the indictment(s) moves forward. It will be more interesting than whatever this was. 

UPDATE: Trump had a screen behind him showing violent J6 footage while a song from the J6 "Choir" played, and the more I think about the kind of Fahne Hoch scheisse of mythmaking that the vandals and police-battering thugs of J6 are somehow put-upon political prisoners and the constant Ashli Babbit bullshit, the more I think MAGA noses need to get rubbed in the shit they smeared on the walls of the Capitol building. Their shit. Like zoo animals gone mad. 


Ten Bears said...

My mother lives in Waco. I am sure she was there ...

Richard said...

We thought we could wait him out. It is turning into a long wait. At this point, i would like to see him dead.
This is not a threat. It is my heart speaking.
Why do we have to carry this guy? What happened to my sister and some of my friends? Why did they all turn Trump?
Why did my dad think Tucker Carlson was his friend?
That man told me i would be better off in prison.

Vixen Strangely said...

The Trump Era has been bad for my faith in humanity. I used to like FaceBook because I was in contact with some of my far-flung family, but after seeing some of their Trump-centric posts, I felt like they weren't flung far enough.

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