Sunday, March 19, 2023

TWGB: Tuesday, He Says


Trump says Tuesday is when he's supposed to get arrested, and he also wants his little fan club to show out and protest his comeuppance, and none of the public info regarding the Manhattan case seems to be about to be announced and they are still sorting out the advance-work on possible Trump fuckery, because they are expecting fuckery.  So maybe Tuesday isn't the day.

As for me, I've got no idea when Trump will get arrested, and only know he really ought to be. Am I excited for Trump getting arrested Tuesday because Trump says that's when they are trying it? Are you mad? If Trump names a date, what does that mean? Does he want his redneck militia surrounding Mar-A-Lago expecting a siege situation? Does he want them lining the streets in front of the courthouse?

Probably all of the above. But is any of that likely knowing what the J6 arrestees so far have experienced and what more agitators on behalf of Trump are liable to expect?  Look, I think he just said a specific day because he wants to get his Insurection.2  Pointless Civil War Boogaloo stuff on. He doesn't know the day but is tired of waiting and won't do the obvious thing of turning himself in because he hasn't acceded to how fucked he already is. 

Because friends--it isn't just Stormy Daniels, and I think the National Enquirer vault got opened for this one. I could be wrong, and I also could be wrong that if Trump got processed into the system upon arrest, he surrenders his DNA and other cases could subpoena it like E. Jean Carroll's case. But I want to stay positive that maybe, just one prosecutorial small step for a prosecution could be a giant leap for TrumpWorld finally getting what's due. 

I want to think that the people who were most likely to stick their necks out for Trump already did so over his absurd and completely wrong "stollen election" allegations.  Who is left? Maybe his little fan club won't be quite the size he was expecting. 

And who knows if he will stlll rally in Waco, 30 years after the Branch Davidians burned. What a weird cult leader thing to signify, if all the extremist researchers looking at this are right in identifying this as further evidence of Trump as cult leader signifying a last stand. 

As for me, if a last stand, so be it, I would go with a twig and marshmallows if I thought it really was. 

I don't wait for Trump to get his comeuppance.  I'll tell you right now he is not a valid candidate for office because he hates America, what it stands for, our allies, and would fuck us over in a minute for money or convenience. 

Also, I have champagne chilling and popcorn at the ready. 


Ali Redford said...


No bail because flight risk, held in solitary in Guantanamo. I don't mind paying for transport, though tele-court would be fine with me, too.

Normally, I'm all about full due process for all (and against the existing bail system), but I feel he's had so much time ahead of this that he's received his pre-trial process.

Vixen Strangely said...

All Trump is trying to do is get himself treated as if above the law--to intimidate juries, witnesses and the like. This should be treated as an additional obstruction of justice crime on his part. His superfans really need to ask themselves, if Trump is so innocent, why all the obstruction in his game? Wouldn't a truly innocent person love to come forward with all their story?

And yet Trump doesn't? So weird!

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