Thursday, March 16, 2023

Ol' Pudding Fingers Got Trump Nervous


When Ron DeSantis did his little turnabout to say he doesn't think Ukraine's sovereignty is a priority for the US and that the war was a "territorial dispute",  I guess Trump realized he had to twirl on the pole for Daddy Vladdy to try and let him know who really was going to earn his sugardaddy's love. 

I mean, can little Ol' Pudding Fingers deliver the goods, by which we mean surrendering Ukraine territory to Russia like the US had any business doing that?  Trump, who sees treaties as contracts and contracts as optional, totally is open to that. He's basically admitting to being a disaster at foreign policy--but can Ron DeSantis do any better than be a disaster in Trump's shuffling footsteps? 

Because he certainly isn't trying to distance himself from Trump--and even Nikki Haley figured out this was the right route. 

But what's really funny (not funny) about this is Trump is offering up his complete submissiveness to what Putin wants while still whinging away on his failing Truth Social (from a media company laundering Russian money?) that the "Russia Russia Russia" thing is a hoax. And yet here he is, verifying where his loyalties really lie: Hate America First, and support the guy who might assist him by meddling in the 2024 election. 

He's an utter disgrace. And I appreciate the thorough investigation he is undergoing regarding the classified documents and elsewhere. How he was trusted with one term as president alarms me--he should not be permitted to gain another. 

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