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Saturday, July 31, 2021

TWGB: A Little Help From His Friends?


Donald Trump lost the 2020 election because he was incompetent at everything, including rigging an election in favor of himself. He tried to damage his opponent's reputation with a spurious investigation in Ukraine even before the man had even won his primary (and because Trump is Trump, he was lousy at that, too, got caught and was impeached). The basis of the investigation didn't have to be real--the appearance of a problem would have been enough for Trump, and he would have been getting people to say "Lock him up!" at rallies. 

I mean, the more or less mundane Wikileaks drops from hacked Democrat emails were enough to get people chanting "Lock her up!" about Hillary Clinton, and who knows what he could have done if he actually got hold of her own emails? (Notwithstanding that too, was kind of stupid, since he ended up with the Mueller investigation.)

So why wouldn't asking the DOJ to declare that the election was corrupted have the same effect? Tell the Big Lie, have some official cover for the Big Lie, and let the fun and games begin for politicians like himself and the "R.Congressmen" referred to in the notes kept by deputy AG Richard Donoghue.

After all, it's not like his little fan club wasn't prepped to believe that there would be voter fraud--he told them so every chance he could, and his campaign even deputized the little devils to think of themselves as his "Army" of poll watchers (and freelance voter intimidation thugs). He certainly railed against the mail-in ballots enough. (Although it is strange, isn't it, that having been certain that things were going to be rigged against himself since before the 2016 election, he never worked with congress to do anything concrete about election security?)

Isn't it something though, that he had enough faith in the DOJ to make the ask, as if so used to people just doing stuff he wanted no matter how potentially illegal and definitely unethical it was? (Sounds a lot like seditious conspiracy.) And also he was ready to replace people for noncompliance with the scheme--huh! Feels very abuse-of-powerish. But the really fun detail for me, especially after my last post, is the idea that "R. congressmen" would definitely pitch in and help sell the story. 

Because he totally talked with some "R. congressmen" about that very sort of thing days before. You know, just after having a meeting with Sidney Powell (promoter of incredibly dishonest lawsuits that said "so voter fraud" on the label and "not actually containing real claims of fraud" on the ingredient list) and Mike Flynn, who definitely has lost all the threading on his nuts and has several screws lose. 

Trump was definitely working as hard as a busy little bee trying to overturn the election. I mean, if had put that kind of effort into actually being president, he might have even pulled the damn thing out instead of, you know, not succeeding in doing that. 

It feels desperate. I'm will keep saying it feels desperate, for him to want to overthrow the damn election so hard. Because the little joke he liked to post wasn't a joke. He wanted the security of the presidency indefinitely, and not because he was interested in doing the job. And that, you guys, is why I keep saying if it looks bad it is bad. There's a whole story in that struggle-coup.

It isn't over--Mike Lindell and the Cyber Ninjas and other weird stuff are keeping the appearance of Trump's lie alive. The Four G's (Gaetz, Greene, Gohmert and Gosar) want to valorize the 1/6 insurrectionists and try to drive public sentiment in their favor. There will be additional rallies, and probably at least one more instance of violence. But with Trump out of office, the work of never seeing him get near government authority again can take place.

But I would love to see accountability for his helpful friends--especially those "R. congressmen". They don't belong near power, either. 

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