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Saturday, December 14, 2019

It Will Always be a Stain

There's something exceptionally gratuitous about Senator Graham's assertion that he isn't even trying to be a fair juror, rather like Senator Mitch McConnell's assertion that he is letting the White House call the tune regarding the Senate impeachment trial. They could, after all, just make appropriate serious noises about the respect they have for the Constitution and feign interest in a fair process. We'd still know it was likely a sham on their part, but it would maintain some of the dignity of the office of US Senator, which might even have more than sentimental value. Instead, they are making it genuinely clear that they have no intention of letting little things like facts or propriety interfere with King Trump's abuse of power.

It may be, simply put, that nuance is no longer something they have any faith that either Trump or their base understand and that even the mildest imposture of taking this seriously would be seen as disloyalty. They are less concerned, however, that their current pose is one wholly at odds with justice or the separation of powers--offending Trump should not be their overriding concern as members of a co-equal branch of government.

Having baldly stated that they will just go through the motions to get the thing over with, however, runs the risk of tainting an acquittal as having been completely partisan and not based at all in the damning facts of the matter. They are handing Democrats a cudgel I hope they don't fail to use. The hypocrisy is something their noses should be rubbed in.

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