Monday, September 25, 2023

TWGB: This is Coping


In my last post, I talked about "cope". People use lots of different ways to form coping habits. Some reach for drugs or alcohol. Some embrace bullshit media narratives. Some dive down a conspiracy theory rabbit hole. And Trump, who eschews having interiority for being digitally anal expulsive, litters his own corner of the internet with conspiracy theories and excuses in what I have called "going boom."  He posts online in big tangles of thought to help himself--because he can't help himself. He is always trying to message "No, no, not the thing you are seeing: the thing I want you to see."

I don't know how his little fan club falls for it because it's so plaintive and obvious. Maybe they fall for his toddler-like vulnerability. I dunno. He just recently suggested his JCOS Mark Milley deserved to be put up against the firing squad for telling on him. Whether this is because he's a potential witness against Trump in one of his many upcoming trials, I can't be sure, but boy, I guess. 

Although Trump considers himself well-cleared of the "Russia. Russia, Russia" mishagas, I've noticed that he keeps coming back to it like a dog* to its sick. Maybe it isn't so crazy? After all, the reason Russia would have wanted a pliable person in office in the US is because they were always planning to fuck up Ukraine, and they even sent their man Manafort in to help him. No one is supported by as many obvious greyzone fuckfaces and is spouting so many BS conspiracy theories (how did yon fuckfaces miss equating Iran "pallets of cash" after the JCPOA with the recent unfreezing of funds in the recent prisoner exchange? Lazy asses. Had their shit better together in 2016.) 

And Trump makes it clear what he would do: sell Ukraine down the river. He still counts on Putinist propagandists like MTG, Meathead Mike, and Tulsi Fucking Gabbard to cast doubt on whether Ukraine was even invaded and is in a defensive war

Things anyone should be relatively sure of. I don't like people who lie about obvious things. Do you? 

Anyway, he uses the term "Enemy of the People" to describe the "Lugenpresse". Of such is his manner of coping. I notice that by crossing the Rubicon, Gaius Julius became a hostis publicus. Transgression worked well for him until it didn't. The Ides of March--

Trump's trial schedule. 

Trump is no Caesar. He served no army, commands no legions worth calling them such. He's spouting off a negative confession but his heart is far heavier than a feather. He's mad as hell because the truth is being told about him, without him. 

And he's running out of cope, because he's told it all before, and it stops working after a while. He wants to declare himself the winner of an election he might not even be a free man to see, because he probably did indeed break the law. He knows it. And so he blames others for pointing out the evidence. 

This is a very unfit person for anything.  But this level of cope suggests something terrible is incoming. 

*Actual legitimate use of "like a dog", for Trump's educational benefit. 


Dan Kleiner said...

something terrible for him or terrible from him?

Vixen Strangely said...

Something terrible from him is a given: I see where he looks like he was *going* to buy a gun and then supposedly *didn't* when it was discovered to be a federal crime if you're under indictment to buy one? Right now, he's definitely posting like someone who...should not have ready access to a firearm. I don't think he's capable of self-harm or planning to shoot someone else, but it's vice-signaling that he's thinking about the efficacy of "2nd Amendment remedies for 1st amendment problems".

His Truth Social posts today are more revealing. I think he's truly concerned about the legal exposure of the Trump Organization, either as being worth less than he puts forward (diminishing his reputation) or becoming suddenly massively encumbered--possibly even being dissolved. It's his family business, from his father, that he expected to be in the hands of his children. I think if he were to suffer that major a business reversal, unlike the Trump Foundation or Trump University settlements, it would be a blow right to his identity.

He can blame others being "out to get him" for that. But while it's questionable that he knows he didn't beat Obama in 2016, that there already has been a WW2, that Jeb Bush did not invade Iraq, and whether windmills cause cancer in humans or madness in whales, he still sort of knows he fooled around and may have badly fucked up regarding his businesses.

Whether he still wants to bomb hurricanes or buy Greenland is still up for debate. The alligators in the border death moat is still a possibility, though. And I think DeSantis would happily provide the alligators and Abbott would have people help putting """"lasers"""" on their flat reptile heads.

Vixen Strangely said...

But (latently) I "think" he might have got a "request for comment" on some breaking news he DOES NOT WANT which is why he's so down on the media. It could be coming from NBC. He even roughed up Fox News today in SC and called them commies. Life in TrumpWorld is going grrrrreeeeeaaaaaatttttt.

Dan Kleiner said...

i really, REALLY want some intrepid reporter to ask dingus con, "what is the ideology of a marxist-fascist, sir? what does that mean?"

oh maaaan, i want someone to ask his dumb orange ass that question.

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