Thursday, October 7, 2021

The Executive Privilege Spell: Invoke Often


Did you know that Trump was no longer president? Courts of law recognize it, and even his own lawyers sort of do.  He isn't president. He isn't. He lost the popular vote badly. He lost the electoral vote badly, by his own terms of what badly would look like. He isn't an executive of anything but the FAILING Trump Organization. Which is doing poorly because he was a bad president and people hate him. Many people are saying this

Also, if the Select Committee is trying to uncover business having to do with Trump's 2020 campaign LOSS, how was the Trump campaign a part of his official business? While it is true that Trump didn't separate the duties of supporting his campaign and serving the business of state among people in his employ, so much so that Kayleigh McEnany wore two hats as both a WH press secretary and a campaign spokesperson, was it the job of Trump as president to ensure his 2020 victory, or was it his job to follow the Constitution? 

Enquiring minds really want to know, because the answer should be, this MF really tried it and no court should be the one to accept it. Trump didn't try to put America First here, he put himself first. He tried to use the DOJ to give himself a victory. He thought the SCOTUS justices he picked would give him a second term. He even, in a deep cut, used his privileged position to run foreign policy to extort the President of Ukraine to help him get a leg up in a race against Joe Biden and thought if he didn't get convicted by the Senate, he was all good. He has now been impeached twice.

Oh hell no, does this guy still have any kind of executive privilege. While he's still using his fat mouth to undermine our democratic institutions? Mr. Make America Great Again, Again, is right this minute as invested as anyone could be in America not doing well so he can capitalize on it, and that should be seen as disqualifying. 

This man is the proof of what privilege unchecked gets away with, He needs to have it denied because the nation needs to know what those he employed tried to do for his benefit. 

He can invoke it all he wants. but acting as if isn't a magic trick, and he is a former president, to all of our shame--those who already know how shameful he was, and those who still need to learn it. 


davidchop said...

IANAL, but executive privilege is invoked by the executive, not the former executive.

{sad trombone}

Vixen Strangely said...

In what shouldn't be a stretch for him to understand, he's overextended his credit at the Bank of Being Somebody.

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