Wednesday, October 6, 2021

There's Probably an Innocent Expla---


Nope. Probably there's not. But I ask you, are those the eyes of a man who has seen too much? (I'm kidding. I don't necessarily think he's on the lam or will be found in the desert without identifying documents or anything. I just want the guys being subpoened to either cough up the goods or sit in a cell "until the aspens turn." Is that so wrong?)

UPDATE: It looks like they all think it's a good idea to defy the subpoenas because Mr. Trump said so. They need to be shown it most definitely is not a good idea.


Ten Bears said...

That dude is wired tighter than a bull's butt in fly season. Probably grinding his teeth.

Tweaker, Meth-Head. If it turns up in the desert dead ... oh well.

Richard said...

You gonna trust a guy like that?
He should resign immediately.

I happen to live in the desert.
Please don't dump this trash around here.

Vixen Strangely said...

Trump kept Scavino on, like Stephen Miller, a part of his post-presidency staff, but the presidential transition act that paid for it was only for six months, so I don't know in what capacity Scavino still technically works for Trump. It seems to me like Trump's "transition" out of the White House is basically "cover up stuff he did in the White House, avoid prison, tease running in 2024", so being a creepy kind of thuggy dude working for Trump would be....I guess more of a qualification than a disqualification?

It's like my theory of guys like Lewandowski--they're basically made and have a lot of leeway so long as they cover and kick up to the boss. (Although apparently Lewandowski asked for a payoff to go away after the sex harassment scandal, and from what I can tell, Trump does not like people who want paid more than their proper cut. Like Giuliani wanting to get paid in actual money instead of connections. Trump is a little stingy on that score.)

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