Friday, December 1, 2023

TWGB: Fit to be Gagged


Trump's vicious attacks on his detractors have long been including lies--but attacking the wife of the judge in his civil case in NY supposedly without checking if this even plausibly is her account makes it really hard to say he shouldn't be clapped into a cell overnight for his flaunting of his gag order, recently reinstated, and for very good reasons. The man has earned his gagging by what he's been and done. And what his little old fan club wants to see done.

And let's face it, when he lets his mouth just fly, it gets ugly in a hurry. Like when he's demeaning one of his rape victims again. Oh, did it seem like I'm playing like there's multiple rape victims?  I don't know how often I need to read about any man's faults as seen by his victims without thinking "Goddamn, there are victims." 

Anyway, Trump just got caught trying to move money from his business to pay his personal stuff, like his civil debt to E. Jean Carroll and his taxes, by moving money from his business without contacting his court-appointed minder. 

Maybe that's why HER name was in his social media mouth again.  And he should pay for that too.


Dan Kleiner said...

EVEN if the judge's wife HAD been posting the stuff, didn't the reich-wing just get finished explaining to us that justice thomas was in NO WAY influenced by ginni's political leanings, her meddlings, her interests and influences? didn't they say that the thomases NEVER talked shop when they were "off duty" so it was OK that ginni was an anti-deomcracy bomb-thrower?

FFS. they really can't even keep their goddamn lies straight anymore.

Vixen Strangely said...

I'm pretty sure that only applies to conservative judges and their spouses. As for liberals (or even SUPPOSED liberals), claims of bias are only fair. If you tried to explain this to a Republican as a "double standard" they would look at you funny, because they don't see a problem with that.

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