Thursday, November 30, 2023

Kissinger Was a Fortunate Man


Other people can heap Pelion upon Ossa regarding Kissinger's various infamies: as for me, I wrote a poem.  The unamusing thing about a person like Kissinger is that people you rather like and respect will have something nice to say about him in an obligatory sort of way. He faced exactly zero penalty other than the disapprobation of people whose opinion he wouldn't have given a fig for, for policies that lead to vast, unnecessary piles of human bodies. And like the stone that wards off tigers, you could be certain that the reason for it was human misery somewhere else was responsible for a correlating lack of it where it mattered

It actually shouldn't be very hard to admit that Kissinger's reputation exceeded himself. And in various corners where people could do just that, for the sake of propriety, they won't. And that sort of propriety was why Kissinger lead a very fortunate life. 


Ten Bears said...

I think it more a perfunctory than obligatory sort of way

I'm looking through the basement for 50 year old Doonesbury books

Vixen Strangely said...

Yes, I think that is the better word.

Richard said...

I am supposed to feel something, but I don't. He was my enemy in those days, but now i don't have time for Henry Kissinger. He was a tool and a master strategy slave. I do not have time to figure it out. I will not dance on his grave, I will save those steps for another time.

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