Monday, September 18, 2023

NBC Cleaning the Augean Stables with a Squirt Gun


It's all very well to feature a four-time indicted adjudicated rapist and racist serial liar on your television program to lie to your audience for an hour or so, and if that four-time indicted adjudicated rapist and racist serial liar is a former president and the front runner for his party's 2024 presidential nomination, it might even be newsworthy, but I think if that's the person you're hosting, be upfront:

"We are hosting a serial liar so you can see the things he is lying about." 

That he is all of those things is more important than his self-serving babble, is it not?

Because a little after-the-fact fact-checking isn't even where you need to begin. Our man Trump is a veritable Augean Stable Genius, the result of decades-worth of unshoveled livestock excrement. He is a man I'm almost certain who watches himself with the sound turned off because the bare fact of his fame is enough for him. What he says hardly matters. He doesn't want to be loved so much as he wants to be inescapable.  Omnipresent. He is without shame.

So, he can spit out a firehose of lies and possibly even incriminate himself? He can be partially rebutted and yet, even fact-checking him turns up little kernels of truth that his fan club can seize on: See? He's not all wrong. And people can argue whether he was mistaken or "fumbled" or just exaggerates. 

The above screencap is from a post on Truth Social from Trump to Jewish Americans wishing them a Shana Tova in his unique way. by basically calling liberal Jewish people traitors. He hopes they have "learned a lesson" which doesn't at all sound like a threat, right? Or does it sound like a threat when it isn't the first time? When prominent figures increasingly have been scapegoating minorities (including migrants, Blacks and LGBTQ folks?)

Can a practically mundane, respectful interview speak to that? Can it do so more than a decade after the national media as a whole seems to have given him a pass for birtherism, which truly always was racism?  

I don't think these particular stables get cleaned out until "justice rolls down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream." 


Ten Bears said...

Sometimes. Sometimes ... you gotta' give credit where credit is due and you know how little good ~ lately just how little ~ I have to say about it ~ yes, it ~ but ya' kinda' gotta' admire the way it can spew that shot out there without even taking a breath. I couldn't do that and I'm in damned good shape and not much younger. I was overwhelmed reading the transcript

Takes sucking all the air out of the room to new levels ...

Vixen Strangely said...

He reminds me of the first Exorcist movie a little bit: when the little girl starts puking green stuff and it feels like she won't stop? That's Trump lying. Like there's something supernatural about it.

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