Thursday, June 8, 2023

TWGB: The Target


We're on pins and needles, aren't we? I mean, news has come out that Trump's lawyers have received a letter that he's a target in the documents' investigation, and we also hear that the grand jury is considering charges for Trump under the Espionage Act and for obstruction.  We also are finding out that Mark Meadows has accepted a plea to some federal crimes in exchange for his testimony against Trump, which overlaps both the Espionage case and the 1/6 investigation--which has the bonus of so much admissible stuff against so many people he was texting with, like a whole lot of people. 

For what it's worth, even if the Espionage Act stuff (Two grand juries? with Jay Bratt whose deal is Espionage Act? Hmm!) seems like the real damaging stuff (I think it's bad, because it certainly looks bad), I'm not overlooking the possibility that Trump also eventually sees some heat from the 1/6 stuff, especially regarding the gathering of R. Congress people and talking to assorted goons to that fell purpose. (I consider Flynn a goon. Some people wouldn't but that just attributes to his success at creative goonery.) Steve Bannon has been subpoenaed in that matter. 

Am I confident that we're going to see some indictments in these things as early as this week?  Hell if I know. I know in the short term, based on what I see on the MAGA comments on Twitter, if it happens some folks are gonna be shirt-ripping mad, and then their mommas are gonna be mad they ripped their shirts. 

I don't know why. Trump has always been a sort of sleazy, incident-prone character--take the draining pool accident recently noted?  Well, Trump is a guy who has a pattern of incidents (I am not talking about staircases, and why would I even bring that up?)  Just like he seems to have a pattern regarding obstruction. He's evasive, he's disruptive, he hurls insults, he tries to get the case tried in the public venue as opposed to court, delays providing evidence--

Surely exactly what you'd expect from someone with nothing to hide? (Nothing to hide the way he was moving boxes around at Mar-a-Lago? The way he wanted people working for him to ignore/fight subpoenas?)

Trump's little dupes stay loyal, like a catfished swain on Dr. Phil acknowledging that maybe their beloved's picture is a stock photo, and maybe the name is fake, and maybe they are out their life savings, and maybe their kids are alienated from them, and maybe the address that they've been sending money to is really just a storefront post office box, but they sort of still hope they hook up with their pen pal. 

And Trump's former running mate, who he had running from a lynch mob on 1/6, is thinking about how maybe it's just an awful lot to charge Trump with anything.  Bygones, right? 

Absolutely the fuck not. Maybe he's wedded to the stale fantasy that Gerald Ford did an important service to the country in pardoning Richard Nixon, and I know cats like Geraldo Rivera bring up that idea re: Trump doing any time, as if there's something about the presidency which would be harmed by the individual who served in office facing consequences. 

On the contrary, I think the office of the presidency is only respected by holding those who hold that office to the highest standards and making sure we keep those standards high--by having consequences for those that abuse their offices and do not carry out their sacred oath. And even more contrary to Trump's grumblings about how this investigation is somehow interference in the 2024 presidential election--seriously? Like what he did wasn't so serious the DOJ wouldn't be investigating it if he wasn't running? They were before he announced. That's just stupid and a waste of our precious minds. 


Ali Redford said...

Absolutely perfect, as usual. Thanks!

Vixen Strangely said...

Thanks so much.

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