Thursday, June 8, 2023

TWGB: Huh.


I can't call Mark Levin a liar, here; we did find out earlier this week that Richard Hanssen, the most damaging US spy so far in our history, died in prison.  If this was a work of fiction, I guess we would call that foreshadowing. This country doesn't like people playing games with our secrets. We jailed Chelsea Manning and Reality Winner for fooling around with classified docs. It would honestly be a sign of a two-tier justice system, the weird phrase Trump defenders keep throwing around, if Trump's charges weren't taken seriously just because he was wealthy and well-connected (a former president, no less!). Call it vetting for a job that Trump is finally getting about 7-8 years too late to avoid this reckoning. 

Robert Jeffress, who threatened Civil War over impeachment not so long ago, seems to think the Durham Report (which does exactly nothing) immunizes Trump from something because--I dunno. Propaganda? 

 Of course, Jeffress is just a part of the long Religious Right-wing Jericho March to crumble the wall between church and state that might be personified by Pat Robertson, whose death was announced today, and who I will briefly note, loved himself a culture war, demonizing his political enemies, and once said that revolting against Trump was revolting against God's plan for America. Which, coming from a man  who regularly failed to announce the date of the world's demise and blamed hurricanes and earthquakes on queer people existing, was always obviously to be taken with a grain. I think the religious right have always seen Trump as a battering ram, not the tip of the spear exactly, but a blunt force object they could use. 

And they aren't about to give him up just yet, even when other, obvious tools exist. (Or are they?) 

Now, political allies of Trump are all going to sound a little indignant and claim political weaponization of the DOJ--but just between you and me--don't they all sound a little too defensive of someone who, based on just the circumstantial evidence, was very careless if not criminal with our national security secrets? They aren't telling me anything about Trump--they are telling on themselves, and what they are willing to ignore and forgive for sheer partisanship over country. 

(Clay Higgins is either having a stroke or thinks he is signaling his "troops".  He's um, an "exciteable boy". )

So, yeah, I have a problem with espionage against the US and the willful sharing of our classified secrets, whoever is doing that but especially if I think it's for malicious reasons. Why wouldn't anyone else? Here's the perfect opportunity (amongst several over the years) for Republicans to put country over party and tribalism and finally toss Trump overboard--

And they'd rather undermine the whole justice system instead, talk about defunding the FBI and CIA and any number of absurd things that weaken the entire US security/law enforcement structure--instead of just admitting that Trump is a whole dubious sleaze. 

And that's what this twice-impeached SOB is. Why is that so fucking hard, after all the drama? 


Ali Redford said...

Also the same people who demand the ban of TikTok for national security reasons.

Yet if TFG actually jeopardizes US national security, well.

Richard said...

Is there a problem if tfg dies in prison? He has to die somewhere. I don't see the problem.

Vixen Strangely said...

MAGA see Trump as their Eternal God-Emperor, so I think in their theology, Trump dying in prison would be an Act of Deicide by the Godless Commies. (Yes, I think they show definite signs of being a cult.)

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