Tuesday, June 21, 2022

TWGB: See Something, Say Something


What was that thing we all learned post 9/11? That if some rando handed you off a dodgy package, you should scream bloody murder. Who the hell is this from? Why the hell give it to me? Who the hell is it for? Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson, who I helpfully note is stupidly up for re-election this year, is exactly that dumbass. Hrm, Give this unvetted shit from someone I do not know to the VP at our solemn handover of government? Yes, I will be on that shit like enjoying my Fourth of July in Moscow

Ron Johnson can fit an entire billiard ball in his mouth--have you seen his mouth? He can do it. I think he should, and keep it in place until forever. Because he lies, and I think his pretense that he doesn't know who gave him the fake elector votes is obviously a lie. 

Now, the people we saw testify today were all people who got death threats. Rusty Bowers had his family threatened. He was only discharging his duty the best he knew how, and the ravening crowd made his personal tragedy harder to deal with. Brad Raffensperger explained the same. But the plight of the Georgia election workers made me exceptionally mad, because they were just regular people doing a good and responsible job.  And were threatened with death because of the lies spread by Trump and Giuliani. The perpetrators of the lie should never know a minute of ease. They need to know accountability for what they provoked against blameless average people. These assholes made election work--the backbone of our democracy--an unsafe thing because wee toddlerbrain Trump was mad he lost.

Maybe someone like Johnson will see accountability, but I can only imagine--not enough. Imagine just casually lying about not knowing who gave him those votes. Like no one would press the matter further. It's the ease of lying that is so galling. The fake votes just magically appeared. He just thought he'd give them to the VP. No big at all. Just stealing an election for Trump. Nothing to see here.

It doesn't sit right with me that people who did the right thing went through hell and people who obviously did the wrong thing are so comfortable.

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