Thursday, June 23, 2022

Is this the "Finding Out", Yet?


Because I was kind of waiting for this part.

UPDATE: Jeffrey Clark's home was searched.  I know, I know. But this is moving in the right direction (concentric circles towards the Trump White House.)

UPDATE: After all Kelli Ward's mean girl stuff over Rusty Bowers. (who still would support Trump as a 2024 GOP nominee for president after all this) I just find her and her husband's grand jury subpoenas funny as hell, because of the fake electors but also how she was behind the Cyber Ninja stupid recount and is now on a whole other grift. And I really feel she is not going to have good answers for herself because this is what you get when political posturing takes over from any sense of reality or accountability.

UPDATE: You know, I would not be surprised in Ronna McDaniel is going to have to go through a few things, because the RNC was on this. Just a feeling. But we're up to fake elector plots in seven states (I think) getting looked at hard, and this is fraud. If they purported to be presenting official documents that were no such thing on the basis of the fraudulent voter fraud claims, then the people who knew very well what they were may have been perpetrating a multistate fraud. Grand theft election?

What I'm saying is--it looks bad. 

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