Monday, December 4, 2023

TWGB: He's Flaunting It


Ha, ha. He implies there are still very secret documents kept at Mar-a-Lago. This is so funny to me. So funny I think we need another search warrant.  Because this man is not learning anything from his various brushes with the law yet: like, does it apply to him? He's in well enough trouble over keeping documents at Mar-A-Lago, regardless of his pet Judge Cannon's attempts to delay his trial. We know he had advice of counsel he'd be screwed if he still had documents, but then sort of ignored that. 

So, do I think he's still that stupid? Well, yeah. As the comedian Ron White has established, "You can't fix stupid." He's happily stupid this far in his life, what good would smartening up do him? 

Does he think he has all kinds of rights and privileges other people don't? Huh--well he got told this week he doesn't have immunity against civil trials over 1/6 because what in the world does pretending your election was stolen have to do with being president? He also got told, and not for the first time, that presidents aren't kings and hell yeah, he is liable for shit he's done. 

But why would that stick if it doesn't help him any?

He's not more special than any other person under the law. We need to start absorbing that, and literally start calling what he's trying to do what it is, obtaining power solely for the purpose of being above the law. That might have (knowing he's always been crime-adjacent and sketchy) always been part of his political equation: try to avoid consequences by being able to play politics about the charges. 

But here's what I know: Mike Johnson wasn't interested in Biden's impeachment and went to Mar-A-Lago and saw the light.  I think if Republicans were tracking with reality here, they'd know what Rudy Giuliani is starting to realize: looking into what's up with Hunter Biden's laptop screws Republican ratfuckery. It's an op that was supposed to get Trump his second term and didn't because it was as empty as a very empty thing. And Giuliani went to bat for an empty Trump second term, and is going to jail. (And is going to die broke because of what all he did in Georgia.)

Here's what I don't know: what happened to make Lindsey Graham decide he's tired of Ukraine? 

But I do know Trump has captured the GOP flag. He owns that party whether they like it or not, they don't dare say shit against him because of his little very violent fan club, even when he obviously deserves it.  So of course he says what he likes even if it's stupid. He can flaunt it, and they deal with it, the absorb it. They swallow it, basically. The whole salty load of it.  

He knows he's rubbing their faces in his ain't shitness. And they are ain't shit enough to have to go along with him. 

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