Sunday, December 3, 2023

The Freedom Mommies are Being Weird Again


So, one of the co-founders of Moms for Liberty, Bridget Ziegler and her husband, who happens to be the chair of the Florida GOP, were in a relationship with a third party, a woman who claims she had been sexually assaulted by the husband, Christian Ziegler. If there was a book about this, no one in Florida would be allowed to read it. 

I don't find it hard to believe a GOP official is capable of sexual assault: my word! I'm not the one who will pretend for a minute Republicans are actually moral exemplars--actually, they are kind of fucked up. Just a little bit ago, it was revealed that a spokesperson for the Freedom Mommies in Philadelphia (my home!)  was a registered offender

Look, the sexual morality thing is just a grift. Take poolside threesome aficionado Jerry Falwell Jr. as an example. "We're saving kids from being sexually tempted and confused--like we are! So ban books!' 

It's just anti-intellectualism with a spicy homophobic and sex-negative twist, It's not new, and it's dumb. But just so I can sort it out in my mind--is it not queer for the same-sex business to be happening so long 2/3rds of the people are openly Christian and straight-married? Is it less than two mommies queer? Is it more than two daddy penguins raising a baby penguin queer? 

Or is it Anne Frank wants to compare breasts with another adolescent female queer? Because teenagers are curious, but banning Anne Frank's diary has farther reaching concerns. Anti-Semitic ones. Because despite their vehement protestations, The Freedom Mommies are associated with Proud Boys. Though they want to sink that connection. But they stay "Klanned Karenhood" in my mind and so many others.

That's why things like "White Christmas" can happen in these concern-mommies universe. They might not be primarily white supremacist, but they do hate CRT, BLM and seem fine with violent threats--as if they thought of themselves as night riders. 

I also can't help but notice this is a post-Trump 1st term flavor of MAGA with pre-Trumpocalypse hopes. They don't mind that he is this guy:

But the thing of it is: I do. 

That Trump has been accused multiple times of rape and sexual harassment is a thing to me--why not to the Freedom mommies? That he is or was close to numerous creeps. That he is a creep and a protector of creeps, as evidenced by his association with creep Jason Miller and his lawyer Rudy Giuliani being an alleged creep, and of course, his own girl lawyer sister-shafting an employee at Bedminster to make her bones as a TrumpWorld made person.

And Trump is considered practically God's Chosen among these choads. 

He's a horrible example of a human, and welp! So are some of these supposed moral exemplars who want to set standards for the rest of us while by no means being the best of us. 

I really think wherever this group pops up, the infamy of their associates needs to be brought up and they need to be frankly dismissed. Local school board elections suggest this knowledge is already being spread. But it can't hurt to repeat it. 

These people are weird and grifty and no better than they ought to be. We need kids to have access to good teachers of whatever identity, good books, and high educational standards, not bullshit peddled by well-funded creeps. 

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