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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Trump Went Boom Again

This is a snippet of the Twitter feed from Donald J. Trump, POTUS. In the mind of Donald J. Trump, Supergenius, a Democratic candidate for president working with her own party to win a democratic election is so on a par with a candidate for president of the US of any party working with a hostile government to undermine our democratic system of government. Democrats own Obamacare (which was by and large a Democrat idea--so, there's one!) and are OBSTRUCTIONISTS for wanting to keep their thing instead of having it thrown over for a very bad thing. The Russian hacking that Trump has gone out of his way to dismiss as a hoax is so a completely real and bad thing if he can somehow blame President Obama for it. "Colluded" and "obstructed" are words that Trump thinks might possibly be synonymous, even if they don't mean similar things, at all.

He does not seem to realize that Obama did try to do SOMETHING and in fact did do various things, but was OBSTRUCTED in part by Mitch McConnell. Obama did make the political calculation that making a unilateral instead of a bipartisan statement might cause more harm than good, and did so in the face of a great orange crybaby bellowing "Rigged!" into every hoot and holler he visited. And, since Obama has always been the kind of good-hearted soul who believes in America's vast capabilities despite ourselves, he, to use the coinage of a former president, "misunderestimated" us.

Trump also seems to think that collusion can only be proved by "tapes". I don't know how anyone ever could have been found guilty of anything before electronic recording devices existed, but while I'd like to give Thomas Edison his due, it remains that people have been found culpable on the basis of rather a lot of other kinds of evidence, like paper trails and financial records.

If Trump wants an apology for anything, it should be from all the ass-kissers in his life who ever let him get away with thinking he was more than middling-intelligent. And he is the one who is fucking up Obamacare, but even a fucked Obamacare might be better than what the GOP has in store.

And yes--I call this "going boom!" This series reminds me a lot of his fateful 3/4/2017 Tweetsplat that accused Obama of "tapping" him--which presaged his weird, and ultimately self-debunked claim that "tapes" might exist of his conversations with former FBI Director Jim Comey.  (He maintains now that he posed the existence of "tapes" to ensure the honesty of Comey's testimony--which sounds a lot like trying to lean on a witness, to me. But taking him at face value, if he feels his witness-tampering gambit worked, then it must be true that he tried to lean on Comey to end the investigation into Flynn, and then fired him for not doing just that. It's a "triple-klutz"--he just copped to three kinds of obstruction of justice.)

None of these are the Tweets of a sound mind or a smart individual. They are like a cry for help. But I have no sympathy either for him or people who find this nonsense moving. It's just bizarre and unbecoming the leader of a great nation.

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